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Why do so many people want to try absinthe but would never touch any other drug?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34524points) March 2nd, 2008

I have always wondered this question, people are always wanting to try absinthe because they think it makes you trip but would never in a million years touch lsd or mushrooms usually not even marijuana. This confuses me greatly especially since absinthe is much more toxic than any of the other listed drugs.

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To be trendy?

Absinthe doesn’t make you trip, anyway. The toxic thujone from wormwood has been mitigated in most all contemporary absinthes.

Its recent “comeback” is 100% marketing. Its allure belongs to another time and place.

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PupnTaco i am fully aware that it doesnt make you trip but the general uneducated public believes it does which is the whole reason they want it which was my point

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Pupntaco is correct in that absinthe is not hallucinogenic. In addition to the whole marketing hype thing, is the whole aspect of absynth being this forbidden alcohol (a drug that is socially acceptable). I read an article in wired magazine about this guy who bought some original bottles of the stuff at auction and reverse-engineered it. He claims that the original stuff is much better than the junk that comes out of the Czech-republic these days. Incidently, he said there was very low levels of thujone in the original stuff.

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A lot of people will drink liquor but not take drugs, myself included.

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therdjawa yes it is liquor but it still has other drugs in it. Would you drink green dragon(everclear with thc in it)? No probably not, yet im sure most would be excited about trying absinthe. I am know absinthe isnt what it used to be but as i stated in my last answer most people really dont know that. Most people think of absinthe and they think that if they drink it they are going to hallucinate.

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Good points uberbatman!

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Been trying all types of absinthe, the trip is all in its history, especially within the Parisian artist groups many years ago. However… bottle…..that I took 4shots from in south UK….I saw blood pour from my mates eyes… Since then I have never ever seen or had an experience like it.

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Alcohol is a drug

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good point sndfreQ but for some reason people don’t perceive alcohol tabacoo or caffeine a drug which is something that bothers me about people who are anti marijuana they always call it a gateway drug yet they will happily offer there kids some of there beer or wine. And need yes need their morning coffee. And for some reason this kind of addiction and dependency on a drug is ok in the public mind?

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Because drinking is socially acceptable while smoking, popping pills, and injecting are not

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I agree uberbatman, I don’t get why alcohol is so socially acceptable. I believe alcoholism is a lot worse than being a pothead, and yet marijuana is so hugely unacceptable.

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Redmad, agree…I used to smoke a ton but never eough to make me passout or even say something I regretted later. Its all about how you market exactly how dangerous something is. Beer or most any alchol is marketed as being ok and you swear to the tv commercial you’ll “drink responsibly”. On the other hand, weed ad’s usually are associated with forgetting your little brother at school or leaving your baby unattended because your too baked and the baby is drinking toxic stuff under your kitchen sink. I find them both quite amusing and generally inaccurate. So many of the worst people I met were drunk, which is why I dont drink.

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Because it carries an unusually romantic air that most other drugs don’t, yet equally unfounded.

Just because people believe it, doesn’t make it true. Just ask my friend Santa Claus and Jesus.

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Let’s not forget the effects of nicotine and tar (cigarettes, tobacco)-equally if not more harmful than alcohol. Have lost relatives to this drug (cancer and emphysema).

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…Obviously your not friends with Jesus brother…and I bet Santa quit coming too huh?

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everything in moderation. . i think.
marijuana is just abused by so many people.
same with alcohol and tabacco

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The answer is easy, it is because they are hypocrites. Basically they are just doing it because it is trendy and new. This new crap they have in the states doesn’t make you trip at all and it tastes terrible. I’ve tried a few different things here and there so I can speak from a stance of an educated experienced person.

Addiction is not just for drugs, it stems from a flawed personality type. If you consume to much of any one thing, you will die… period. If you eat 200 donuts a day, how long could you possibly survive?

Gorrilapaws is right. The original absinthe had low enough levels of thujone to still be legal today.

Really, there is nothing special about absinthe. People will just use any excuse to get drunk and act like idiots

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Can u buy Absinthe in the states? Where? I’ve always wanted to try it. Oh yeah, to act like an idiot.

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I actually just saw it in a store in NJ. It was 65 dollars >_< needless to say i didnt get it.

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