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what is the fastest you have ever driven?

Asked by rubybooby (25points) March 2nd, 2008 from iPhone

in mph or kph.
My top speed is wee 95 mph

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I went 150 mph in a ‘00 Pontiac Trans Am. It wasn’t mine but I didn’t steal it. I sure drove like it though.

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I have never driven a car (I am 30 years old). I did get going really fast on my skateboard a few times.

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have you really never driven?

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120 in a Honda Accord. Couldn’t really tell I was going that fast

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I have never needed to.. Between my bike, skateboard, and bus I am covered. I am lucky that I have always lived in places where this is doable.

And I drink more than I should so it is probably best that I don’t drive. And at this point I am almost scared to learn how to drive.

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150 on my way to LA from the Bay area. whole trip took 4 hours

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150 or so…

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120 as a passenger

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130 on a motorcycle.
Scary haha

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although i have hit 95mph in my 1974 vw bug haha

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195km/h, cause it looks slower in mph.

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Did 120 on my bike this afternoon. I think my fastest was about 140.

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160+ not really sure my friends car speedometer topped out there.

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I was driving 165 mph in my Turbo Lancia Beta Scorpion! I was 19 at the time and with my bestfriend Deanna. We were driving south on I-5 over the grapevine.

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125 in a mustang gt back when i was in highschool

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120+ in my ‘76 Chevy Nova, not unlike this one.

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12 MPH on a skateboard. It then stopped on a piece of ice plant. I used my head to stop myself.
130 in a orange Mazda RX3 wagon, and once in a my 73 Ranchero.
95 on a motorcycle after that I was afraid to look at the speedo.
180 in a Cesna 172.

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Oh yeah, 45+ MPH down a long, steep hill on a rickety old 10-speed (remember those?) with no helmet. Those were the days!

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