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Obama or Clinton??

Asked by gildo (42points) March 2nd, 2008 from iPhone
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I think at this point, clearly Obama

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Sheesh… Obama of course.

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Obama ALL the way!!

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God help us either way… Then again McCain’s a joke too… Unless something changes I might be sitting this one out.

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America is going to be a sad sad place to live in during the next term, regardless of who wins; unless its mccain who doesn’t stand a chance

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agree kimbo…my money was on Mitt..the guy clearly understood government. Obama scares the hell out of me and brother let me tell you, I work with his foreign policy advisor (a current Navy SEAL officer) and God protect us!

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I was a huckabee fan but he’s been out of the running for a while now. I’m a republican but I voted in the dem primary just so I could vote for Hillary. Obama’s lack of experience is just frightening

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you guys need to do your research instead of oh he doesn’t have enough experience or I think he’s muslim or I can’t see a black man run this country . I grew up In Chicago and I’ve done my research. I’m voting for a man that should be president and deserves that chance, barack obama

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Oh ya bigshot. What’s YOUR evidence…. Hypocrit

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then don’t sit there and cry about for the next four years about how bad this country has gotten and go do something about it. Just do your research before you go with intuition/ unsensable thinking

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I’m not talking about how bad its gotten I’m talking about how bad its going to get. I did my research, we can’t just leave the war immediately, we have to finish what we started or else all hell will break loose. And don’t get me started on universal healthcare.

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