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Any cheap hotels in Paris?

Asked by pathfinder (1079points) February 5th, 2010

I am planing to visite paris this year and I am looking for some place where to stay.Do you have any contact adress for some hostels.

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I stayed at the 3 Ducks Hostel ten years ago. It had co-ed rooms with 6 or 8 bunks to a room, bathrooms and showers down the hall. I walked to everything I wanted to see, but there were some very long (but enjoyable) walks. If you’re willing to try the Metro you should be able to cut down the walking (but you won’t see as much of the city).

You could also google: hostel paris.

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Ive stayed at the Charles de Gaulle hotel, that was very nice.

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OK,don t erase this disc.I want to keep it when I get ready for the trip otherwise thanks I will check those places

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Try searching locations using

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@The_Idler Aren’t you missing a ~? I am sure the OP is aware of the wonderful world of google, but many of us prefer a personal recommendation from people whose opinions we respect.

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Sorry I was taking the piss, a little.

But hostelworld is very good, I’ve used them before, so I was personally recommending that.

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@pathfinder: Welcome back. I am delighted that you are still here. Your English has really improved; congratulations.

How’s your French?

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Yes, welcome back, @pathfinder! Sorry to see that your English is so easy to understand now. I’ll miss your earlier version forever. It was the most beautiful thing…

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Missed the part about you wanting hostels only so removed post.

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