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Does anybody here have any idea what Sarah Silverman's ethnic background is?

Asked by eLenaLicious (822points) February 5th, 2010

I am dying to know!
She seems white…but I want to know what specific Caucasian. Or if she is mixed with anything else.

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She’s Jewish.

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She sprang forth from the god of comedy’s brow fully grown.

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She’s hot. Just kidding, I believe she’s Jewish.

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All I know is that she’s a Dead Sea pedestrian and funny as hell.

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Hawt Hebrew.

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Okay, according to NNDB she’s of Russian ancestry.

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Her ancestors are from eastern Europe last I heard.

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She’s jewish. Ya know, Sarah Silverman

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She’s a Loon !
Actually she’s Jewish/Russian

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Is being Jewish an ethnicity now?


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Actually it’s peculiar in that it’s as much cultural as it is religious so the short answer is yes.

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In There’s Something About Mary, you will see a very young Sarah Silverman sitting at the table with Mary’s other friends, when the detective is easedropping.

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Her dog’s name is Doug on the show. His real name is duck and he’s a mutt. You are more then welcome for this useless, unasked for, information.

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@TheLoneMonk- Yeah, that’s great and all, but what’s the ethnic background of Duck?

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He’s a Quacker.

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insert rimshot here

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She is Polish and Russian.

By the way to all you people that said she was Jewish, yes she is! However, being Jewish is a religion not an ethnicity!

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@MBatz It can be both.

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