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why is Fluther so adictive?

Asked by elman25 (159points) March 2nd, 2008 from iPhone
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its funny you should ask this i was just wondering why ive been on fluther for the last hour when i should be sleeping.

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its 4:03 am. I got upto pee, and somehow have a phone in my hand instead of sleeping again.

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first its addictive with TWO d’s. second its not addictive. i am seeing more and more insensitive, miserable, mean, insulting comments on answers. and it pains me. i think this place is going downhill. and i only found it less than 2 months ago. if only people would post something RELEVANT and stop insulting people asking questions. if you DONT like the questions quit answering them (not directed to the person who posed the question, it is directed to those know it all’s – you know who you are)

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I guess it’s because you always have questions…and sometimes your girlfriend can’t answer them all.

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Artemisdivine… Take a chill pill!

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