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What is, in your honest opinion,is the best brand and type of beer?

Asked by Mikelbf2000 (1121points) February 6th, 2010

Whats your favorite beer and why? Do you prefer microbrewies or larger companies? What about Americans Beers and Beers outside of America? I’m American and would like your opinion on that as well.

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Leffe Bruine, La Fin du Monde.

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Distelhäuser Pils.
Got the “Brewer of the Year” award.
(I do not drink beer myself, so I will take the tester’s word for it)

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@johnpowell Fat Tire is too light.

I like pale ales. Sierra Nevada is the best nation wide that I’ve had, but there are better micro brews.

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@Sampson :: Sierra Nevada pale ale is a lot lighter than Fat Tire.

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The origional budweiser, ‘budweiser budvar czech premium lager’ is nice.
But I also like the light beers like Sol & Tiger, they’re better with a meal.

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You sure? I’ve had them both in the same night and fat tire seem much lighter to me…

Seriously, that is weird.

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My top 3 – one for each location I’m likely to drink in :)
Føroya Bjór’s Classic
Carlsberg’s Carl’s Special
Franciscan Well’s Friar Weiss

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@Sampson :: We might be defining light differently. Fat Tire fills me up a bit more. Sierra Nevada pale ale doesn’t.

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@Sampson, @johnpowell I definitely find fat tire more filling and “malty” than sierra nevada. While sierra nevada seems more “hoppy” than fat tire.

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Rickard’s Red

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@johnpowell Ah. I was thinking flavor-wise. The taste is lighter to me.

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GUINNESS! ^_^ mmm

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ATM drinking a lot of Theakston’s Old Peculier and Shepherd Neame’s Bishops Finger out the bottle.
Sometimes Newcastle Brown

On pump, they change every day in the pubs I go to, and nobody would ever have heard of any of them anyway.

On the more commercial side, I enjoy Guinness (smoothest but not the tastiest stout), Adnam’s Broadside, Courage Best & Directors.

In summer/holiday, Hoegaarden, [Czech] Budweiser, Corona, Zywiec (if im poor) or usually whatever the local brew is in my holiday destination, which WRT beer is hopefully Germany.

Oh, and, you have beer in America now?

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Oh, darn! I forgot about this really delicious imperial porter that Flying Dog puts out. I think it’s called Gonzo Porter or something like that. It’s a little hard to find around here, but it’s strong enough to stand on!

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