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I need advice about asking a girl out for Valentines Day?

Asked by Cheeseball451 (775points) February 6th, 2010

There is this girl that i have been liking for a really long time now and her name is holly, i’m not so sure how to ask her out/valentine. She likes this other boy but said that she likes me too. I’m afraid if i ask her that she will say no, any advice?

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I think you should take the chance and ask her out..If she refuses,so what?:)

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If you don’t ask, you definitely won’t go out.
Your odds improve with asking.

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Just do it. The worst that could happen is she says no. but on the other hand. This could be the begining of a beutiful thing. I say go for it!

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Hurry before the other boy asks her.

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She can’t decide so decide for her ;) “She likes this other boy but said that she likes me too. I’m afraid if i ask her that she will say no, any advice?”

Shes telling you right there, girls don’t tend to make the moves you gotta do it and she basically just told she can’t make up her mind, so get her man.

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Boys who wait too long to ask a girl out usually get left behind.

Ask a girl out early in the week for the weekend.
Ask her to do something specific, not “What are you doing Friday night?” Girls usually don’t like to answer “nothing” when asked that question; it makes them feel unpopular.
Don’t follow the the three day rule.
Call her back when you say you are going to call her.
Be cognizant that other things can get in the way, like family, school, work, plans with friends, etc. and if she says no the first time you ask her out, ask her if she’d like you to ask her out again sometime. If she talks about how busy she is, the answer is probably no, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like you as a friend.

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If she says no, you are no worse off. You will know where you stand with her.

I say go for it. Ask her, “Would you like to go out with me on Valentine’s Day?”

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Perhaps you could ask her to do something outside of an official “date” to just hang out somewhere without putting pressure on her to “go out” or make a choice just yet.

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Ask her!!! What if the other guy is thinking the same thing right now and she ends up with no date for Valentine’s? You would have missed your chance! Good luck!

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mate no one is going to kill you. What do you you have to lose?? just give it a try

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