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Can I find Baron-Cohen's acceptance speech for Golden Globe award last night anywhere?

Asked by gailcalled (54575points) January 16th, 2007
I missed his, Streep's and Mirren's speeches...but thought that Hugh Laurie was extremely funny off-the-cuff. Borat was disgusting, insulting, appalling, offensive and I laughed so hard, I had to be carried out of the theatre..
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YouTube it (while it's still up)
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Can't download videos (takes forever and the quality and duration of play-back is Chinese water torture) due to dial-up in a really rural area. I am trying to find some text..but thanks, anyway. We'll move into the 21st century in a decade or two here.
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Here's what Baron Cohen said..R-rated.
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YouTube must have it.
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Oh, I see you can't download. Sorry.
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Thanks anyway, Susan.
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change your life, go high speed internet...
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Don't I wish. One tel/tech Co. covers a large, mostly unpopulated area. DSL reliability is relative to the distance from its office. People who have it hate it....... However, nice deer, foxes, wild turkeys, herons, possums, sunsets and naked-eye astronomy - all visible from my living room.

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