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How to get revenge on your stupid little brother?

Asked by princessa (113points) February 6th, 2010

Ok my brother is such a stupid idiot that he told my biggest secret to these two older guys just to embarass me on purpose. I dont want anything too bad if you know what I’m saying but I would love blueprints for a trap! HAHA! And i dont know any of his secrets so please help me! I want him to suffer! By the way he is 8.

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How old are you and how old is he?

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If he’s under five….tell him he’ll go down the bathtub drain if he pulls the plug while in it. It’s an old classic.

Or you could just fatally drop his favorite toy….

-Author Unknown

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Beat the crap out of him in front of his friends—you didn’t hear that from me—

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Knowing how old you are and how old he is would help. I know what you mean and how you feel – I’m 13 and I have a 9yo sister. Ugg. Just don’t do anything too bad, just give him his own medicine.

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now now. remember thats your bro. your mad at him now but just think how you would feel if it were somone else picking on him. you would want to kick their ass.

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Since the crime he committed was telling a secret that wasn’t his to tell I would start by not telling him my secrets anymore. He obviously already “gets” this since he hasn’t told you any of his.But don’t let that stop you.

2. A simple statement in front of his friends like “Brother, mom said to remind you to pee before bed so that doesn’t happen again” should mortify him beyond bearing.

It may be much better to talk honestly to your brother about how it made you feel and to ask him how he would like it if you did something like this to him.

If he is a smart ass to you when you talk to him about this….refer to number 2.

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1. Make him think he wet his bed by pouring a bit of water onto his mattress. Or you can try the luke-warm water thingy.

2. Take one of his toys and hang it on his bedroom door by the neck and write a suicide note on it.

3. Dip his toothbrush in salt

4. Make him eat a teaspoon of cinnamon. Tell him it tastes awesome.

5. Make him play/watch a screamer game/video.

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Grow the fuck up. Don’t tell him anything anymore. Getting revenge doesn’t erase what happened. Focus your energy on preventing it from happening again.

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Ignore it and rise above it! He will come to his own in time… Just be cautious and aware of what you share with him and understand that people are people… even if it is family. Just because he is your brother doesn’t mean he will keep your secrets… It is what it is and getting revenge, however small, will lessen you as a person. Let it go and learn to be discerning about what you share…

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Just tell him “You’re adopted”

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i find that something like a cold bucket of water being dumped on you at an inopportune moment can be particularly annoying…

imagine getting all wet right before you were supposed to go to the bus stop…

however, be careful, 8 year olds often find that they easily maintain a nothing to lose attitude about pranks, especially with an older sibling because the parents will inevitably side with the younger sibling should things get out of hand…

since that is the case, the best kind of revenge is something that you can’t get in trouble for because they don’t know you did it…

nothing to obvious, sometimes the little things are what get to you the most anyways…

(that said, don’t do anything to horrible, its not worth having a lasting fight over…)

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Wait twenty years and he’ll feel really guilty about it, then you can not forgive him.

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bring it up passive aggressively for the rest of your life…

my girlfriend, who has much experience with little brothers says “dip his toothbrush in the toilet, and let it dry up, he’ll never know, but it will make you feel way better!”

frankly, she knows what she is talking about…

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@johnpowell – Wow! Harsh much????

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@Supacase she’s probably like 14 and her brother is probably like 11

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@Merriment :: Whenever I can be.

The kid is 8. I doubt he intended to hurt. He just repeated what he was told.

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This is clearly a question which is supposed to be fun so I’ll skip the highroad speech and the reprimand and go straight to the snuggie. Give him a snuggie or a wet willy.

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@johnpowell You’re right it is VERY POOR FORM!

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@johnpowell – Well looky, it seems like princessa shares your “harsh whenever I can be” philosophy! LOL

Perhaps you’ve met your match :)

I won’t post the private message she sent me regarding my answer, but she was more than pleasant to me.

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@princessa I know you’re just a kid and I know you were just trying to have fun and I know john hurt your feelings but don’t let it wreck your day.

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I’m in total agreement with just about everything that @johnpowell has said (and done) in this thread. No kid needs real advice on “how to get even”. Hell, the next generation of political “leaders” can learn this stuff on playgrounds and take it to Congress themselves; your advice on the topic is superfluous and non-helpful.

But every kid (and apparently several respondents here) needs to learn to grow up. Whether the lesson is learned or applied or not is an open question, but the lessons should be put out there. Not advice on dipping toothbrushes into toilets… sheesh.

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Eight year olds are just kids. I don’t see the point in getting revenge on a child. The main thing is to learn your lesson… eight year old children should not be trusted with sensitive information.

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You shouldn’t have told him in the first place…secrets are secrets after all…

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@CyanoticWasp – I think it’s pretty amusing that you think that telling a child to grow the fuck up is in any way the appropriate way to mold young minds. If you’ll take a look at my answer I did advise her to talk to her brother about the issue and I also was able to see her HAHA as indicating she isn’t plotting as much as venting.

I also think it’s funny that you think that those who took this as a typical brother-sister squabble and responded in a lighter manner also need to “grow up”. We have, and apparently, we did it with siblings :)

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Your best response is to keep him out of the loop on things that you consider personal and about which you can’t trust him to keep quiet.

Being excluded from knowing such things will drive him nuts!

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Why all the hoopla? The writer of the question is a kid TOO she asked for blue prints for a trap HAHAH it was clearly a joke. Why do so many people go out of their way to be offended or offensive. Lighten up folks, it won’t kill you to crack a smile, it doesn’t cost you anything.

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poke him in the eye with a really hot french fry

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If you have a sibling who is still toilet training, tell him/her that when he/she goes on the toilet, the Potty Monster will come out of the toilet and grab him/her and drag them down the toilet. HAHAHA!!!

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First scream his name then he will run up to you and say don’t read this but hand it to a girl in your class. Then tell him it is for her mom. But what it said is, I love you. He will get so embarrassed.

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I am 13and my brother is 11. The absolutely best ways to get your sweet revenge on them is to put salt on their toothbrush and put it in the freezer. You can act like he isn’t there,or you can act like you know something doesn’t.

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My bro is 5½, he knows not to cross me. I tell him to do something and he does it:
1. Threaten to tell on him for what he did to you (like, punches you or something).
2. Threaten to “kill” his favorite stuffed animal.
3. Promise to do something if he does this and this and this. Don’t fulfill your promose.
(Don’t actually kill his stuffed animal.)

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I am 23 now but as a child I was in the middle of two boys. At the time I was ten my younger was 8 and my older was 13. I drank to much once before going to bed and wet the bed. The eight year old one told everyone in the school and everyone was laughing at me. I told him ’ have you ever heard of the tale that if you make fun of people and tell everyone you will be cursed. He replied ’ that’s not true’
I answered ‘well one boy made fun of some ones big nose and was cursed and had a bog nose forever even after plastic surgery’
He gulped but again said That’s not true’
My idea was to scare him but it didn’t work that well so I decided to take it a step bigger. He a light sleeper so this was hard but I poured some water on his bed and pyjama bottoms when he was asleep. When he came to breakfast the next morning he looked imbarrassed and apparently didn’t tell mum. I done this every night for a few night. Soon hr got scared and went to mum saying ‘mum I’m cursed I’m cursed I made fun of someone and now I’m cursed” I kept on doing it and soon he was put in diapers. This was tricky but I took the daiper of and pour the water in. I done this until he finally said sorry and then I stopped. It worked way well.

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Well, there are a number of pranks you could play on him. I have an 11 year old little brother, but he acts just the same as you described yours to be. So I find pleasure in taking advantage on his shitty acts. If karma don’t get to ‘em, you have to BECOME karma. So to help you out, here is a list of pranks you could play to get back at him:
1. Scare the fuck out of him: this is a little trick me and my best friend figured out not too long ago. Use any phone to call another phone. (The one you call must be a cell phone.) Hide the cell phone in his room, and go and tell him that he has left his bedroom light on. (Obviously turn it on yourself.) When he goes to turn it off, return to the first phone and talk into it using a scary voice. Say something like “IT IS YOUR TIME!!!” or “LOOK UNDER THE BED!!!” Just anything that you know would scare him.
2. Scrub the toilet with his toothbrush.
3. Make him be like “WTF!!!”: This one is easy: just take two oreos, and scrape the white cream out of one of them. Replace it with edible white toothpaste. (You don’t want to get blamed for him getting his stomach pumped.) Give it to him, and eat the real one yourself!

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