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Do you have a tendency to dominate or be dominated in a close relationship.

Asked by zykel (63points) February 6th, 2010

If a woman I want to impress asks me this, how should I respond

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<Cracks whip!> Sit down and listen! Naw, we are on equal footing in our relationship.

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You should tell her the truth.

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My idea of a successful, long term relationship is one in which both parties are equal partners.


I usually dominate.

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No, but I can certainly role play either role. I suppose you’d say I’m a switch.

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Tell her the truth but indicate a willingness to try to neither dominate nor demand or expect to be dominated.

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I’m more of the dominant type.. but it’s not like he doesn’t have a say in anything!!! He just has to convince me that he’s right and I’m not ;-)

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I am pretty dominating. But in bed, I like to be dominated

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Violet raises a critical point. You may want to ask the woman in question to elaborate further exactly which scenario she is asking about.

A very common dynamic is that people who are leaders and dominant in most of their lives (and especially those whose job requires it) find a great deal of satisfaction in being dominated in the bedroom.

They find it a great relief from stress and very relaxing to be able to hand over the reins of power to someone whom they love and trust.

It’s the type of dynamic that frequently confuses folks when they first encounter it because the logical assumption would be that someone who is dominant in the majority of his/her life would naturally prefer the same, erotically speaking. But not so.

That’s why a skilled Dominatrix can get top dollar without having sex with the client. The demand exceeds the supply. Strange but true.

Remember Dick Morris? Just one case in point. He weilded enormous power and control in Clinton’s campaigns. He was about the last guy most folks who knew him would have expected to see with a dog collar and leash on being controlled by another.

Interesting dynamic.

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I come off as more dominant to other people because my partner is a calmer individual but in our relationship no one dominates – we are best friends and just like to hang with each other and mesh into one.

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you could tell her: im kind of democratic person in any relation. i hope we can build an democratic relationship! ^ ^

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