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Finally going to see Avatar this afternoon. Is it worth spending the extra for the IMAX version or is regular 3D good enough?

Asked by janbb (54006points) February 7th, 2010

I think that says it all.

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Standard 2D is appropriate for this pocahontas in space.

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But you’ll miss the Super Bowl!

Oh. I guess that’s the idea, huh?

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Definitely, definitely, definitely see in IMAX. It’s a spectacle. See it that way.

I was dissapointed that I saw it in 3d on a small screen.

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I saw it in 2D which seemed like enough dimensions to me. :) I feel like IMAX would probably be overkill.

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You should absolutely do it in IMAX. I saw it in regular 3D and in IMAX 3D. I’m totally a skeptic when it comes to visual things (my eyes are bad, I won’t appreciate the “extras” anyway) and I totally thought it was better in IMAX 3D. Very worth it.

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It isn’t necessary to see it in 3D, but it’s worth the extra $2.50
It’s still just Dances With Smurfs.

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Seeing any movie in 3D makes me want to kill myself – it hurts my eyes and brain. So, I wouldn’t do it.

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I saw it in both and actually liked the standard 2D better.

The 3D was amazing too, but the glasses dimmed the vivid colors of the movie and in all honesty that is more breathtaking than having a few things fly out at you.

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IMAX 3D, definitely.

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go for the imax. please.

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Seems like a preponderance of votes for IMAX. For those who didn’t like it, I am not expecting much of the story which is why I held out so far. However, I do want to experience the visual spectacle since it is something new. I’m thinking Super Bowl afternoon is a good time to go but we will be back in time to hear that the Saints won.

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Avatar in the IMAX 3-D experience is pretty incredible and I’d suggest that over all the other formats it is being shown in.

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LOL @ Dances with Smurfs. Thanks for that, @filmfann.

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Avatar is not just a movie, it is a cultural event. Good thing, because the movie is not good.

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IMAX 3D. And I hate both IMAX and 3D, and I didn’t regret paying the extra money.

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At the very least, see it in 3D.. we tried twice to see the IMAX version, but it was continuously sold out, so I wish I could comment on the difference, but can’t. :(

Saw it in 3D twice, it was really good and I really love this new evolution of 3D cinema – it’s not your old school kind where it’s kind of lame and basically it’s just random stuff coming out toward your face, it’s more subtle, like actually being in the scene. I think it’s pretty awesome. I don’t think it’s the best movie ever, but I personally really enjoyed the film.

Everything is better in IMAX, so I’m betting Avatar would be, too.

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The movie story was a bit preachy and the ending was kind of unrealistic, but the whole point of a movie is to suspend ones disbelief for a couple hours and be entertained. That being said, the special effects were spectacular! If you have the opportunity to see this at an IMAX, take it.

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It’s unbelievably heartening to see that we all understand the movie is bogus except for
the beauty of the settings and the opportunity to fly. But those things are truly
magical. Pay for as much of those effects as you can get and ignore the storyline. Enjoy!

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I love Pandora and I am happy I watched the movie in 3D. But as a movie, it’s mediocre.

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YES!! 3D IMAX. THe experience is well worth the money. It is a fantastic movie by itself and when you see it 3D on that size of a screen with great sound.. unmatched.

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Just stay home and rent “The Last of the Mohicans”. You’ll get a better movie, and save enough money to see something good next weekend.

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