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Do probiotics loosen the bowels?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30619points) September 20th, 2017

I have been taking probiotics in pill form for a bit over a month, and I’ve noticed that on some days, I must use the toilet within an hour or so. Recently, I started drinking a juice that bills itself as probiotic, and I find that I must use the toilet after.

Do probiotics have a laxative effect?

This effect is by no means a problem for me.

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They can affect different people differently. They help some people mitigate diarrhea. They give me horrible diarrhea.

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Disclaimer: not a medical professional!

It’s the nature of probiotics to have an effect on the digestive system, and, as @Mariah stated above, they can have different effects on different individual systems. I suspect the differences might also be individual reaction to certain strain of probiotics bacteria, as well as other factors such as overall gut health, overall digestive health, and the overall general health.

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The only proven thing that a probiotic will do for you is lighten your wallet.

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I don’t think they have a laxative effect so much as your digestive system and the bacteria both “good” and “bad” are re balancing itself which in the process you may get some side effects.

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They may be useful for antibiotic associated diarrhea

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The highly potent, encapsulated ones have a noticable and repeatable effect on me. It makes me less gassy. The cheap typical variety are placebo. Yogurt works better.

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There is a big range of probiotic formulae and potency and quality and efficacy for your personal system. I’ve tried some that mitigated allergies or helped digest holiday food better or reduced my appetite for carbs – and some that were just upsetting.
@Rarebear has the experience to know his advice about probiotics, and I’d agree that skepticism is a good place to start.

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@Rarebear That is a great website! Thanks for turning us on to it.

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