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Where can I buy inexpensive Korean/Japanese stationary?

Asked by jennykip (8points) February 8th, 2010

I am an absolute connoisseur of cute stationary, like that of Sanrio’s or Artbox’s. However, when I search online for these items (on the official sites), they are:

1. Limited in variety
2. Expensive (without the shipping, at that)
3. Not translated from the original website/no English counterpart

Anyone know a good online vendor of such products?

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It’s “Stationery” . . . check your spelling when searching. . . .

Have you checked this? . ..,default,sc.html

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@njnyjobs’ link is great if you want hello kitty. ;) If you wish for more general in the japanese style, try this kawaii directory. There’s also the limited Traditional Arts section of the Unique Japan online store. Zazzle has a wonderful selection. JPT America also has a section on Jstationery, but it looks more American to me. If you want the “cute,” in Japanese stationary, try the website suggestions posted on Associated Content.

Jstationery will naturally be a bit more expensive, because it’s popular, styled and imported.

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I apologize for the misspelling, but that is not the reason for being unable to find these sites.
But thank you two for these links! I have just opened some up and they are definitely the solution to my question. :)

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Actually I live in Korea and have plenty of access to cute stuff I can send to you. Let me know specifically what you are looking for. ^^ There are of course the big companies like morning glory and artbox that have ridiculously cheap prices, but if you want super cute artsy stuff, I can show you stuff put out by independent designers and small companies.

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JBox and JList are a great place to get Japanese stuff (JBox and JList are basically the same minus the fact that JList sells 18+ things), and they have decent prices. I searched “memo pads” and got a few results. It’s probably not as much of a variety as you’d like, but it’s something, and their selection changes quite often. The memo pads themselves aren’t very expensive but there is shipping to worry about since it’s coming directly from Japan.

If I think of anything else I definitely will let you know. After all, I am also a fan of cute things from Japan!

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