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Crash in a NASCAR? or an Indy car? or a Formula 1? or a street-legal super exotic?

Asked by robmandu (21285points) March 3rd, 2008

Bad dream: so, you’re cruisin’ along at 180mph (280kph)... and you’re about to crash. What vehicle would be your preference to provide best chance to survive with least injury?

Even better if you can specify manufacturer, make, model, and best with a link to picture and specs.

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nascar is the safest, with a wider car, “safer barriers” on the outside retaining wall, head and neck saftey device (HANS), more headroom inside the car, cushions on the side of the car, a wing to help in a spinout, and it is 13 mph slower in the turns than with the old car.

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Without putting any serious thought or effort into the answer, I think the McLaren F1 might be worth considering. Always dug that car.

The car’s safety levels were first proved when during a testing in Namibia in April 1993, a test driver wearing just shorts and t-shirt hit a rock and rolled the first prototype car several times. The driver managed to escape unscathed. Later in the year, the second prototype (XP2) was especially built for crashtesting and passed with the front wheel arch untouched.

And it’s certainly fast enough

In March 1998, the F1 confirmed that it is the fastest production car in the world, achieving a record top speed of 240.14mph. This was a record it held until March 2005.

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At just 180 mph I would place my bet on the F1, or Indy car, since they are made to take on crashes faster than that, so long as you don’t hit a concrete barrier full speed.

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