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High quality candle and/or reed diffusers?

Asked by Violet (6574points) February 9th, 2010

I’m looking for a high quality brand candle or reed diffusers. I really like this brand Vitivo but they are pretty pricey, even on eBay. I think Yankee Candle scents are too sweet or sickening strong.
Any ideas?

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I’m fairly picky about scent too. I would make one. A few bamboo reeds (craft shops), a bottle and a few essential oils and you’ll be set. Plus you can choose a bottle that will match your decor and be unique to you.

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I second @gemiwing‘s suggestion for essential oils. You can get an oil burner for less than half the price of a Yankee Candle, and it’ll last forever. With oils, you can control the scent/ scent combo itself and the strength of the scent. You can buy books with different “recipes” for fragrances.

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I would try to make your own too :)

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I agree with Gemiwing…you can make your own scents fairly easily and the reed diffusers is an excellent suggestion. I make my own after bath body oils and a little $7.00 bottle of essential oil can last a long time.

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Make my own oil? I’d rather just buy it, I just want to know a brand like Vitivo. Vitivo’s reed diffusers cost $40. I’m fine with paying $20.

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I gave up pricey candles for a scentsy. The wax bricks don’t last as long as you would think, but a Salt City candle is $20.00, and a brick of scentsy wax is $5.00. I still think 4 bricks of wax lasts as long as the candle. Besides, the scentsy lamps are so pretty. I got some oil diffusers for Christmas, and have to say that I can’t smell them AT ALL.

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@Skaggfacemutt I’m not familiar with wax bricks, but I’ll look into it, thank you : ) (also, thank you for the name of a candle brand)

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The best I have tried are the TRAPP reed diffusers for mid-range prices. You can buy the diffuser refills for $35 but worth it as they last over a year. Have tried Archipelago, Votivo etc and the scents are not long lasting as the TRAPP line.

Yankee Candle diffusers are made in China and that’s why they don’t last and smell is not really good.

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My all time favorite candles are WoodWick candles by the Virginia Candle Company. They’re somewhat pricey, but they last a long time and the scent is incredible. I also like the subtle sound of crackling fire that they produce from having wooden wicks. My favorite scent is Cinnamon Chai. The 22 ounce candle lasts about 100 hours, and given the quality, I think it’s easily worth the $20.

If you’re ever near Lynchburg, VA, you can stop at the Virginia Candle Outlet Store to find the candles for significantly less money (often $5 or less for the 22 ounce candle). My closet is full of WoodWicks that I purchased at that outlet a couple years ago.

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