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I'm a bit of a adrenaline junkie, got any ideas?

Asked by Britcraft86 (61points) February 9th, 2010

I love exciting new adventures, just recently I went skydiving. I’m basically looking for new ideas.

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Rock-climbing, snowboarding, Six Flags roller coasters . . .Universal Studios theme park

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Take a look at a show called Nitro Circus. I’m sure you’ll have lots of ideas after watching that.

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Martial arts, something that has a similar concept to randori or sparring. Trail-biking. Snowboarding.

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Maybe bear hunting would be good for you.

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Take a pregnancy teset

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Deep water soloing.

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Body modification, Sparring, shooting guns. these could work

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“If some of our teenage thrill seeker really want to go out and get a thrill. Let them go up into the north west and let them tangle with a Grizzly bear or Polar bear or brown bear and get that effect that will cleanse the soul.” – Fred Bear

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If you can, get yourself to New Zealand. They have more exciting ways to have fun than any place I’ve been: bungee jumping, Zorbing, black water caving….. It’s a—fool’s- thrill-seeker’s paradise.

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Take my MIL out for dinner…you will be good for a month of thrills…

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Was just about to add bungee jumping but it looks like @jenbb beat me to it. Extreme sports = NZ

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I used to love snowboarding, base jumping, and mountain biking, but lately my kick has been MMA (UFC for those unfamiliar). It is amazing!

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@drClaw as a spectator or fighter?

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Sorry I should have clarified. Fighting is the rush, not watching, although I do enjoy watching.

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Free running

Thats some bad mofo stuff there….wish I had the balls lol :D

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@drClaw hmmm, fighting wouldn’t really fall under spontaneous, random, fun adventure now would it . . . it takes training and preparation to get ready and step into the Octagon.

However, I guess if thrown in the situation, faced with getting the crap beaten out of you, I would say that my Adrenalin would probably be shooting off the top of the charts…

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Adrenaline soup.

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Dance through bear country wearing nothing but a pork chop necklace.;)

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@njnyjobs If you want me to help I can come to your city and attack you at random for the low cost of…. Wait is this illegal?

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POWERTHIRST The answer to your prayers.

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Ziplining, ride in a biplane, great white shark cave diving, eat a pufferfish to see if you survive, bull running in Spain, or kite surfing.

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Skateboarding, and snowboarding are always good.
If you are still capable, join some sport where you competitively race or compete. Nothing gets your adrenaline pumping in a controlled manner like standing at the blocks getting ready to sprint 100 meters. Then the endorphins feel SOOO good after wards.

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Hang gliding

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