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How do you think a perfect relation between 2 people?

Asked by Christian95 (3260points) February 10th, 2010

Romantic,friendship,professional etc
Describe what king of relationship you want.

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There is no such thing as a perfect relationship between two people and thinking about it probably won’t make it better, you have to work at establishing the ground rules and expectations that will help make it a mutually beneficial relationship. Perfect is just too high of a bar for any relationship I can imagine.

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I agree with Cruiser. It would be nice to just meet someone who is nice, and someone you can trust. Loyalty is hard to find. But a “perfect” relationship, is too good to be true. Relationships aren’t even perfect in fairy tales.

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Maintenance of trust. Good communication throughout, with a full intimacy (sharing one’s personal thoughts). Mutual respect.

I think the most important aspect is proper communication, make time for that.

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For me it’s the ability of my opponent to take the sh!t I dish out!Perfect!;)

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Maybe I can’t understand this question – can you elaborate?

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Grammar is an important part of a lasting relationship.


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@lucillelucillelucille I would have given you a GA for that answer but you forgot to put a space in front of perfect…sorry!! ;)

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Where does babby come from?

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well, i’m perfect…just everyone else isn’t! loll..just kidding! No such thing as a perfect relationship. There will be problems…and it not the problems, but how you handle them!

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Relationships are a process, a journey; they’re not goals with an endpoint. They have to be imperfect or how else will anyone learn or grow?

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@Cruiser-I gave you two anyway :))

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So your asking what kind of relationship the person would want, like what they want out of a person?

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The perfect relationship? Two smooth pebbles touching each other in a jungle stream.

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Somebody i wouldnt even think of divorcing. Somebody that will accept the person i will change into and vica versa

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“How do you think a perfect relationship between 2 people”.....what?

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@lucillelucillelucille TY butt you can only give one at a time

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Totally honesty and open communication

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Use the edit window, then hit the answer button.

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[mod says] Note: English is not this member’s first language. Let’s try to cut him some slack.

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Fact from fiction, truth from diction. Spelling and grammar apart I am not an idiot and I know what you mean in the spirit of the question. I will put it like this, there is no perfect relationship or such because imperfect being can never create anything perfect. I also know you are not saying there is a perfect relationship but more so what each of us answerers would see as the perfect relationship for them. So, in the spirit of that without a lot of “I am better or smarter than you” diction, what IMO would be a perfect relationship and there will be many that will disagree it would be with a woman who:
• Was totally loyal to me and would never think of cheating not on iota.
• Be willing to serve as a trusted lieutenant while trusting me to be the captain.
• Who would trust me with her life 5X over knowing I would allow no harm to come to her.
• Have a logical mind go off the facts before flying off in emotion.
• Someone who has compassion.
• Who has wisdom,
• Who has kindness
• Who is into health and strive for a fit body
• Who enjoys kids
• Who is not afraid to place her needs 2nd to mine because she knows I won’t abuse the privilege.
• Who is tempered and very, very slow to anger.
• Who can discern my dry humor.
• Who is willing to put husband, children and home before a high powered career.
• Who is willing to let me be her fashion police.
• Who lives to be physically active.
• At least be spiritual of she don’t in God.
• Who can think outside-the-box.
• Who is not judgmental.
• Who is ethical.
• Who is devoted.
• Who believes in marriage until death.

That would be my idea of a perfect woman to have the perfect relationship with as I say it is what is for me it would not fit for many others to answers the question in the spirit it was presented.

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I don’t believe in perfection.

I want whatever makes me happy and feels right, whatever that is (which, thankfully, I believe I have). Set plans lead to disappointment and missed opportunities.

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@Hypocrisy_Central Be willing to serve as a trusted lieutenant while trusting me to be the captain. Who is not afraid to place her needs 2nd to mine because she knows I won’t abuse the privilege. Who is willing to put husband, children and home before a high powered career. Who is willing to let me be her fashion police.

Really? That sounds pretty outdated, to put it nicely. And that’s coming from a long-time stay-at-home mom.

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5 Secrets to a perfect relationship

1. Its important to have a woman who helps at home, cooks, cleans & has a job.

2. Its important to have a woman who can make you laugh.

3. Its important to have a woman who you can trust & doesn’t lie.

4. Its important to have a woman who is good in bed & likes being with you.

5. Its very, very important that these four women don’t know each other.

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There is no such thing as “perfect”.

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Each partner must have the following traits: trustworthy, honesty, ability to communicate, compassion, and tolerance.

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Steps to a near-perfect relationship:

1. Know yourself. WIthout this it is impossible to know what you are looking for in a lifetime partner.
2. Make yourself into the best “you” possible. This will attract those who like that “you” and will make it more likely that the relationship will last.
3. Find someone who not only likes the “you” you have become, but who has a background similar to yours, yet different enough to keep interest alive.
4. Place this person you have found at the top of your list, ahead of career, other friends, etc.
5. Become best friends with this person.
6. Allow yourself to develop a romatic aspect to the relationship only after you are best friends.
7. Always make time to do things together; at least an hour a day, one entire day per week, and one full week every six months or so devoted to you two as a couple. VERY important!
8. Think up things you know they will like and do them. Regularly, not just on special occasions. Surprise them.
9. There is great value in non-sexual affection. Indulge it often.
10. Shoot for the moon… aim to be there when the other one dies.

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Two friends caring about each other just a bit more and no fighting happens…. boyfriend, girlfriend, relationship…. these are just all labels, doesn’t matter what you are just as long as its real between two people.

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@augustlan And to some it might be too progressive to put it lightly. Not every part of the world does things the American way because the American way is not the best for everyone. When the subs are swooping in and the torpedoes are in the water someone has to make choices to save the ship. The captain do not have time to confer with the crew on what action to take. The captain has to be able to trust the crew can carry out the commands and the crew has to trust the captain to make the right choices to save the vessel, if the crew has to be convinced or has to have a meeting by the time an agreement is made they will all be bobbing in their life vest dodging sharks.

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@Hypocrisy_Central Soooo… we’re equating a personal relationship with war?

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@augustlan – really, not, he’s just equating it with a military organization fully prepared for disaster. In peacetime, such a structure would be
very amiable, don’t you think? Sure you do. C’mon.

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<grumble, grumble>. I’m not in a very pleasant mood, tonight. Sorry everyone!

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Jeeze guys…. love isn’t a battle field :P

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@bean Haha, shit that’s what I’ve been doing wrong all this time!


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What HC is saying Augustian, he “wears the pants” in the family. Nothing wrong with that, if it works! As HC said, “the American way because the American way is not the best for everyone!” Every family is different. If he truly loves his wife and she is happy, the kids are happy, sounds like a perfect deal!

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Frequent separations and selective deafness.

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@susanc @BoBo1946 Thank you for thinking outside-the-box. Commitee rule is not for everyone and often not efficient when snap decisions have to be made. And if she did not trust me or I was f****** up in the choices I made for us, she would lose confidence to the point she would not trust me to snatch her from a burning building if I told her “Come with me if you want to live”.

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I guess I’m just saying… what if she is better equipped than he to be the captain? What if they are <gasp> equals!

Apparently, that would be a deal-breaker for some men, and I find that an antiquated notion.

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She is not my slave or lackey, she agrees that the buck has to stop with some one and she would rather it not be her. The captain can’t sail the ship single-handedly and if the crew do not trust the captain they can and will mutiny. If a gal want to pilot by commitee I am sure she can find someone, the buck stops with no one when no one is at the head, kinda works so if something screws up bad enough they can cancel each other out by saying it was the other and not them :-)

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On our boat, my husband is the skipper; he’s the one with the greater knowledge and skill. In life, we pass the tiller back and forth depending on the situation. Works well for us.

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@janbb And I bet there is more harmony and less fighting then if there were no clear order, it would be more like the governement those on the negative side usually wins because the positive side can’t move until they on the negative side gets onboard.

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