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Green stuff that moms would like?

Asked by princessa (113points) February 10th, 2010

Ok so today I am going to CVS and for Valentine’s day I wanna make my mom a cute gift basket! I was gonna make the color red because you know red and pink are like Valentine’s day colors right? Well I was gonna put red tic tacs in the bag but my moms favorite kind of tic tac is the green one! So what are some things that mom in their 30’s will like that are green that I can get at CVS! More importantly who sells green valentine’s day stuff? What can I do?? What can I put inside of the basket that is green!

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Some emerald green nail polish to use on March 17th.

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Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Fragrance!

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A vibrator with Shrek on the head, oooh imagine those ears!

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This question is so not what I thought it was going to be. What about bath and body products with green packaging such as cucumber or mint or green tea scented ones?

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A windmill to save her money on electricity, or a Prius? Both green and very cool.

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All from CVS:

Green Tea Extract
Green By nature Mint Green Body Lotion
Green By Nature Mint Green Tea Lip Glaze
Green & Black’s Chocolate
Green Sprouts Shopping Cart Cover
El Yucateco Green Hot Sauce Chile
Pop Beauty Green Eye Shadow
Simple Indulgence Pomegranate and Green Apple Candle

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Also, they usually have a Green trash can out back.

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No, wait, mothers get plenty of that and I doubt they like it.

What about toiletries? You might be able to find something green for a mother there. They might have apple scented products, have them wrapped in something green, and there she has a relaxing bath.

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@Arisztid I handled all of our meconium. Man that first diaper change was like nothing I’ve ever seen. At least it doesn’t smell.

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You could line the basket with that green Easter basket plastic grass that gets all over the house in seconds.

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Maybe you should buy lots of various green coloured card stock and make cards and junk out of it.

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You can get her those little things that mothers love. A lot of what others have said works. What about going with a pink and green theme? that way it’s her favorite color and some Valentine’s day flare too. Also, if you find those nifty little things for her, you can always run out and get some green/pink/red tissue paper and wrap things in it, or use it as bedding in a basket or bag.

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Decorate the tic tac package with valentine graphics and hide the color of the candy. Moms are really not that into the gift matching. Really. Don’t sweat it.

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Go to CVS and write down all of the green things you found. Next go home and rhyme all of those things in a poem about your experience. Metaphorically it could be about about how great your mom is and how much she loves the color green and how much you love her.

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