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I'm looking for a new laptop, I have an HP now, would a MacBook be a good decision

Asked by carlingaudet (17points) March 3rd, 2008 from iPhone
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yes, macbooks are awesome. great size for portability.. get an extra monitor if you use it at a desk frequently.

had mine for over a year and it’s great.

get the base model and order more ram from newegg, it’s really really easy to put in yourself and 4gigs is $120

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Do you plan to use OS X? If not, a MacBook is likely to be a poor choice because the cost of Windows will add significantly to its price tag.

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what do you need to do with it? I’m a 10 year mac guywho loves these machines but they aren’t for everyone.

Highest Regards,

Daniel Riser

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Mac’s are super great but the cost of programs are very pricey! Your New Mac will come with a bunch of trail programs and then more monies will need to be spent…you will see.

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I think it would be a good idea to get a MacBook now. They just upgraded them very recently and they are very good for the price.

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I definitely agree, now is the time. If you want a good, reliable computer that has the option of running Windows or just Windows apps only when needed, then you can’t go wrong.

I would say if you are a big gamer, then you may want to stick with a Windows based PC.

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I will never go back to a PC after getting a Mac.. So if you can accept that fact then go for it

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4 crashed PCs taught me to stick with Mac, except their iPods. Those things have issues.

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I agree with Riser. Mac’s rock, but iPods have got major screwed up issuses. I would rocomend a MacBook but be warned; they are a “static” machine meaning if you want to upgrade anything but RAM you ether; void your warenty and do it yourself with a lot of mental and physical stress, or send it to a mac store and spend 300$+ to do it. Or get an external HDD.

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Another amen from me for a MacBook… Just got one for my wife last week after salivating for months. So far it’s lived up to the hype and we love it! I’ll be getting a MacBook Pro myself soon!

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Dude. If I were you, I’d switch to a Mac a.s.a.p. The new Macbook is just upgraded so now’s the time!

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