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Should I be concerned with a student knowing my perfume?

Asked by Supergirl (1686points) March 3rd, 2008

I have a student in my 6th grade class that always guesses/asks what perfume I am wearing. Is this just an innocent question or is it a little creepy? I am a young female teacher, and he is a young boy. Side note—I stopped wearing anything with a fragrance to school….

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Is he unusually observant? I have been blessed with obsessive compulsive disorder so his behavior does not sound abnormal to me in the least, unless that is accompanied by other behavior.

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No, I wouldn’t say he is observant. He is your average 12 year old boy.

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sounds normal. it could be mimiced adults behavior he’s seen or he’s just curious. it’s also normal for young students to crush on teachers. you’re the adult, don’t let it bother you.

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Any other abnormal behavior?

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based on the way he asks/looks/approaches you should give you enough information to tell whether you should be worried or not

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I think its a little weird.. I think you made the right choice to stopping wearing any fragrances. I think a 12 year old should even know that’s a little weird to ask your teacher what perfume she’s wearing… Unless he’s doing it to be funny

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how are his grades? ;)

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I would not worry. Young boys are often hot for “good looking young teachers”.

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I agree with gooch, but I don’t think you should quit wearing your perfume. Maybe the kid just likes your perfume, and wants to buy some for his mom.

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he probably just has a little crush on you. When I was in the 8th grade I used to stand next to my teacher so I could sniff him. He smelled great and he was so cute.

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I also had a crush on my teacher when I was 10.

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I was home schooled so…. Yeah. No crushes.

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Aside from the above, he probably just discovered the world of fragrances and is making that one of his projects.

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Chanel number 5, teach?

I have a good nose.

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Maybe he wants to know because he wants to get some himself to use maybe alone, or alone if he plays dress up secretly in private.

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