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What are the MUST HAVE applications for my new macbook?

Asked by joshisradd (238points) March 3rd, 2008

Just got it in the mail today, what are you guys favorite apps for mac?

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What are you into? What do you use it for?

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time machine. It’s pretty simple in use, but really cool. I try it a few days ago and it’s really fun.

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quicksilver link

helps you create keyboard shortcuts, and launch your other applications…i couldn’t live without it.

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Adium for chat.
BitRocket for bittorrent.
VLC for non-quicktime compatible media.

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Perian plug-in for quicktime.

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Coda for web development.
iLife for photos, music, and movies.
iWork for word processing/desktop publishing, spreadsheets/light database stuff, and presentations

Total cost: less than $240 USD

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netnewswire for your rss feeds.

(definitely Adium for chatting, as paulc says)

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little snitch, monolingual, Adobe CS3, appzapper, transmit, candybar.

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EverNote is a pretty sweet app that allows you to take notes in every way imaginable and the search feature is amazing. Allows you to scan or snap a picture of a document, receipt etc and it will even index the text on that doc for future searches.

The latest version is the one I’m referring to and it’s in pre-reg beta so you’ll have to sign up for an invite. Watch the tour vid and I’m sure you’ll be intrigued.

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I could not live without Launchbar (insanely fast and smart way to open apps and stuff and completely hidden) also 1password (locks all my passwords and helps fill forms).

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adium, coversutra, flip4mac, appzapper, mactheripper, coconutbattery, handbrake, setuni…. Wow so many more

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