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Do dogs have a sixth sense?

Asked by Haleth (19518points) February 11th, 2010

My dog barked and whined for about an hour around dinner time. He had gone outside, eaten, and wasn’t acting like anything hurt. For a while, he kept nosing around my grandmother’s door so I kept nervously checking on her. We’re also having a really bad snowstorm right now and are completely cut off, which makes me feel more jumpy. He does this almost every night at the same time. Part of me is really paranoid and I’m thinking that he knows something I don’t, but I’m also worried that something could be wrong with him. Why would he act this way?

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I don’t know about dogs, but there was a cat in the news lately who seems to have a 6th sense.

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No, but if you look over their heads from between their ears late at night when the moon is full and you are in a cemetary, you can see ghosts.

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All animals seem to have a sense when the weather changes, something is happening in the earth, or when something is “wrong” in general. They say birds can sense the earth’s magnetic field so who knows what else animals in general could possibly sense.

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Did you check on your grandmother? Is he allowed in her room? If so, see what’s he’s concerned about. Might be something going on in there nobody knows about but him. You never know.

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Yes, I think most animals know much more than we will ever do.

When there is a storm brewing, the birds suddenly ‘vanish’ and the fish in my pond go down to the bottom of the pool.

BUT I think animals (I can only speak about dogs here) can also sense our mood, and react accordingly.

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Like PartyParty said, they have a real keen sense of when a storm is brewing. My Spunky would always jump up in my lap when a bad storm was coming and she was no “lap dog!” She was very independent until she sensed bad weather.

Gosh, really miss that most wonderful lady! She was a lady in every sense of the word.

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If he’s doing almost every night, I would be less concerned than if it’s a one time thing. I’d probably try to figure out what was setting him off, though. (My dogs, one especially, bark a lot if it’s windy.)

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I had a dog that seemed to.It was alittle spooky and sad :(

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We had an earthquake yesterday and I have heard numerous stories about dogs alerting ahead of the event…perhaps they simply felt the movement of the earth before their masters, don’t know.

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@ccrow how many do you have?

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Maybe you have a ghost, they say animals and small children can sense them,even see them!

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@slick44 “they are everywhere!” loll

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@BoBo1946 Maybe thats why my dog keeps stareing down the heat vent. lol

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Dogs (and cats and some other animals for that matter) have more sensitive sense of smell than humans do (millions of times more sensitive). This means that they can smell people miles away, changing weather, release of hormones in someone, and changes in their body chemistry – including disease. Dogs have been used to detect lung cancer, bladder cancer, and melanoma in people. It’s not a sixth sense – just a much higher sensitivity to their senses that humans have lost over time.

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@DrC I dont think we humans ever had

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Specifically, I don’t know what your dog is trying to tell you.

Dogs have much better senses than we do in terms of smell and hearing.

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I do not think there is a metaphysical – fortune-telling sense. Just certain animals depend more on certain senses than we do. They have heightened awareness and processing/analysis.

As for dogs, their sense of hearing and smell are far superior than ours. They can smell things that have been vacuum-secured, or hear the smallest change in sound waves – and also orient better (due to the movable pinnae).

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OK, I might be waaay out there with this one, but if it happens at the same time every day, what if there is an animal living under the house, and he hears it come or go at the same time every day?

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@slick44 I think we had it and still do. We are just not taught to recognize it or react to it.

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@Cruiser Yes I think animals sense things more than we give them credit.

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@BoBo1946 But your lovely dog is with you each and every time you speak about her. I’m sure she knows…

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@partyparty ditto my friend…we understand!

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