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If you wax an area on your face will the hair grow back darker and thicker?

Asked by desiree333 (3206points) February 11th, 2010

I’ve always wondered this, and I just waxed my eyebrows. I only did on the area around the actual eyebrow because I am trying to grow them out. I also did the peach fuzz on the sides of my face. Will the hair grow back thicker or darker or faster?

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No. If anything it will be less thick, or not grow back. While waxing you can actually rip out the follicle.

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@tragiclikebowie niceeee :) Well does shaving make it grow back thicker/darker/faster because I shaved my arms once when I was little and now I have more hair than I used to, and its not blonde anymore..

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@tragiclikebowie Is right. I’ve been waxing for years & years & it’s getting more sparse. As for shaving your arms, I do that also, every other day. So I don’t know how the hair would grow back in. I don’t give it a chance. I like the look & feel of it.

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That’s probably more due to you growing up than anything else.

What happens when you shave is you cut the hair at the base of the skin where it’s generally pretty thick so when it grows back it appears thicker because it’s not tapered like hair that’s naturally grown is. Or bleached from the sun.

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@jbfletcherfan I was thinking about Nair-ing my arms, because I’m afraid to shave them again. I do love the look/feel of hairless arms, though. I feel like a gorilla, even though I know I have the average amount of hair on my arms. Do you think using Nair (that shaving cream stuff that makes the hair go away) would do the trick? I have a feeling it would create the stubble I’m so worried about getting.

@tragiclikebowie Oh, that totally makes sense now! :P That gave me an idea too: maybe I’ll bleach the hair on my arms.

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@desiree333 I wouldn’t use Nair, no. For 2 reasons…....1) I don’t think it does a good job. Leaves lots of hair behind. The last tube I bought is still laying in the drawer. (thanks for reminding me. Gonna throw it out)..........2) It can burn your skin fast. You’d be real embarrassed if you had a rash on your arms & it would be painful.

Shaving is really the best method. Like you noted, there will be stubble, of course, but I do mine so often that it never gets to that stage. If you keep up with it, it’s worth it. Why are you afraid to do it again?

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Nair also stinks to high heaven.

I have bleached my arm hair before and I was fairly happy with the results. But cream bleach can sting, and it does stink too, though not as bad as Nair.

I for one can’t shave my arms because I have serious ingrown hair problems.

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No, that is just an old wives tale. If it were that easy to cause hair to grow back thicker and darker, balding & graying men everywhere would be shaving their heads like mad instead of practicing the time-honored “comb-over.” Not to mention all those hair-loss products companies that would go bankrupt.

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It’s possible that you may start to look like Chewbacca.

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@tragiclikebowie can you buy bleacher stuff at a drugstore? Where do you get it, is it expensive?

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There’s a product called Jolene for bleaching body hair. It’s available in drug stores and not expensive at all.

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You can buy it a drugstore, supermarket, etc. I use Sally Hansen Extra Strength Creme Bleach (which works better than Jolene in my experience). It’s about 7–8 bucks for a box. I think Jolene is around 4–5 bucks.

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I wax my unibrow example: ___ VS _ _ and it comes in slower and less thick if I shave it off

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