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Is it possible to retrieve the data from a corrupt SD card?

Asked by rangerr (15746points) February 12th, 2010

….I assume it’s corrupt.
I have no idea, actually.

It’s a 2GB SD card.
It worked fine an hour ago, then I tried to put it back in my laptop, and I couldn’t access the files. Computer: “REFORMAT, NOW”. Me: <dies>

I tried it in my camera again with the same results.

They both recognize it, but I have no desire to reformat the card to please them.
There are some pretty important pictures on there..

Is this a lost cause?

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I suppose that it’s technically possible, but it would be pretty expensive.

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It depends how much you want the data. A company call ibas offer data recovery and the prices rage from £99 to £699 depending on the process they have to use. If you are in the UK, data recovery is also available in some PC World stores.

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AH. I got it solved, and pictures back.

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@petethepothead Thanks for listening to me complain about it, <3

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How did you do it?

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Maybe bribing it, since it’s corrupt and all? XD

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