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Where did this type of scene originate from that is in film and T.V. now?

Asked by Blackberry (31781points) February 12th, 2010

You know when someone is getting nagged or scolded or is getting embarassed etc. They start daydreaming and that scene turns into the person beating up or screaming at the person that was annoying them, you think it’s real (as in part of the actual story) but then it switches back to them in the original scene.

That is hilarious to me and was wondering who the first person was to do that and if you think those scenes are funny too? What’s a particular scene you like?

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I just like to see people in films get beat up! I don’t think that this is something that a particular director decided to just use one day. I believe it’s a feeling that humanity has had since its existence! We just would like to punch the face of the person bothering us, and I don’t know about you fellas, but I sure have imagined myself doing so.

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The Torture scene from Top Gun.

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