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Where do you make virtual people?

Asked by lexipoorocks (146points) February 12th, 2010

Me and my friend are really bored at a sleepover. So we want to know some good websites where we can make virtual people, earn money, have jobs, get married, etc. And yes we know what Sims is but we don’t have it with us now so please don’t say sims or anything that we have to buy. We just want it online for free.

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Second Life is a good place for that. I have heard that Kaneva is the same but I am not familiar with the program. There are many others.

All of these programs are free to start but, if you want decent things, you have to pay.

My avatar is a Second Life avatar to give you an idea of what can be done… this and much more.

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there is a short list of a few popular ones, I’ve played most of these at least once so I can tell you they can be entertaining with a buddy at your side.

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I found a list of virtual worlds and ‘3d’ chat clients . There might be more but that is a good start.

That site has a brief description of each site with some screenshots. If you find one that is interesting, go to youtube and look up videos of the program. :)

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Seems to me that every chatroom is filled with virtual people… ain’t none of em real!

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