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So my question here is...Does it get any easier when someone you love leaves to iraq?

Asked by missinghim (45points) February 12th, 2010

I have been with my boyfriend for a little over 4 months now and he left today to get deployed to iraq technically he doesnt leave til sunday feb 14th hes spending 2 days with his brother and his brother is takinghim to the airport…I haven’t had to go through something so hard before in my 21yrs…I was driving home today after dropping him off and i couldnt help but think i did something so wrong for him to not want to spend his last 2 days with me..I mean after all his family has had nothing to do with him at all…Then i got home and called him and the second i heard his voice i broke down i had to let him go…after talking to him i gripped onto his pillow and cried like i have never cried before screaming out for him for one last kiss one last touch i feel as though i am falling apart and losing it…Hes all i have in my life he is my everything…Without him in my life my llfe is meaningless…I just need some morale support a friend a shoulder HIM just a pick me up someone who can relate to my situation….so anyone that can give me some reassurance i would greatly appreciate it…Babe [Tyler]I wish you the sky the moon the sea and the stars…. a life of song… I wish you love, peace, health and hope

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Iraq is an incredibly “safe” warzone compared to the amount of deaths of other wars.

Less than 20 US soldiers die there every week, I doubt it will be him.

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If anything give him the best support and care you can. He will be fine.

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@ChaosCross has the realistic answer. Be happy that he isn’t going to Afghanistan.

@missinghim You sound to me like a hopeless romantic such as me. It’s a lost entity these days. For people like us, every part of life holds more value. Every smile is worth a million, but every tear hurts that much more. It’s our blessing and our curse. My advice to you would be to embrace your hobbies and stay busy. As much as it hurts, believe me, your time back in the states will scream by in comparison to his.

Being that he is going to iraq he’ll probably have internet access, taco bell, a nice place to sleep at night, and a partridge in a pear tree

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