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does anyone else wish the iPhone had copy/cut/paste capabilities?

Asked by Riser (3485points) March 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

I went to the iPhone from a Palm Treo and while I love my iPhone, I find my need to copy and paste is exactly that – a need. I miss the treo for that reason alone

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Yea me too. I also wish that you could save a picture from online into your pictures so you can send it or use it as a wallpaper.

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i agree with beefcake, and i think it should be able to receive and send multimedia text messages

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Yes and alot more

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yes to all of the above although there is a web app that can pull photos off and put them in your iPhone.

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Yea… copy/cut/paste is huge… One of the rumors flying around out there is that they might annonce that as a part of the sdk press conf. on Thursday.

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djbyron. I hope and pray. I hope and pray.

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Yeah, they really need to add it.. I thought it was crazy that it didn’t ship with copy/paste.

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well the way this screen works I understand why they didn’t so it but its time. I can’t take it anymore.

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I’ve seen proof of concept videos by jail breakers who have made it work so I know it’s feasible. The one I saw showed the user taping and dragging to get the cursor where he wanted it and then while holding down that finger using his second finger to tap, thus setting the starting cursor position. Then the user did the same thing for the ending cursor position and once the ending cursor position was set a menu popped up w/copy, cut paste options. Will be nice once they add it for sure.

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Yes it would help in answering fluther questions

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hehe… they should also make it to where you can forward text messages

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YES! Copy/paste, saving pics from web, MY OWN RINGTONES!!

I wish I would have had this influential information before purchasing a iPhone!

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if you have a mac and iLife 08 you can make your own ringtones.

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God I wish it did I’m so lazy

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what would that app be called riser? the image saving one?

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