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Is it possible to block someone from seeing the questions you post on Fluther?

Asked by gtreyger (1397points) February 13th, 2010

Is there a way to block someone from seeing/answering your questions if the person consistently offers no useful information, but insists on starting a flame war?

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At the moment no. But I have heard that we are actively working on such a feature.

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It’s The little tab to report it to moderation.

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Really, @Dog? Andrew said they are working on a feature that will keep us from seeing stuff from people we want to avoid. With that functionality added, if I don’t like @gtreyger‘s questions or comments, I can hide them from myself. Right?

But keeping them from seeing our stuff—that’s very different! Now fluther will no longer be open.

How would that even work? If @gtreyger doesn’t like my comments, can this user make his or her questions invisible to me? Or they’re visible, but I just can’t post in them?

So if all the world can see them but me, it must be only when I’m signed in. All I have to do is sign out—or use another name—and I’m there.

I think this has the potential to backfire and also to change the culture radically. It’s one thing to cover your own eyes. It’s another to take your activity behind a curtain. If you want to be secret, what are you doing on a worldwide website?

Anyway, @Judi is right. If you receive bad or inappropriate answers, flag them. If the mods see enough of those, they will deal with the source of the problem.

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@Jeruba I have no idea how it is being planned but am very curious myself.

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@Jeruba If someone starts a flame war each and every time you post a question, it gets old. I can keep running to the mods to have them fix the problem, or I can take care of the issue myself. I don’t want to be secret, I just don’t want to have to deal with jerks.

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God, I hope not. If we can block people we don’t like from seeing questions we post I won’t be able to read anybody’s question then.

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Yea, I concur @Jeruba & @AstroChuck. I don’t see “blocking” someone as a good move. Flame wars happen, it’s part of being on the interwebs, but here in the Flutherian Sea, we try not to feed the trolls so much.

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But it’s fun to feed them just a little.

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@AstroChuck bahh go burn some more ants and blow up your army guys with tin cans and firecrackers. ;P

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I don’t see how you could block them from seeing your questions. It would be simple for them to logout so Fluther wouldn’t know who they are. I guess there could be a option to prevent someone logged in with a certain account to not be able to respond to “questions” you ask. I don’t see them ever doing that. And the person could just spend the 10 seconds to make a new account.

An ignore list is easy enough.

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I don’t know if you were referring to yourself, @gtreyger, but I looked at the questions listed in your profile and was unable to find any pattern such as you describe. I didn’t see any flame wars or anyone who seemed to be baiting you. I just saw the usual variety of responses.

If there really is an ongoing problem between you and some particular person, I don’t think the right way to deal with it is to try to change the way fluther works.

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@Jeruba The mods do a good job of deleting the flame threads. I don’t want to change the way fluther works, I just don’t want to have my questions used as a public forum for @$$h0les to vent. May be an ignore list, like was suggested in here, would do just that. Let them see my posts, but block their responses from being visible to me is an answer as well.

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