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A person made you mad, you got upset and overreacted. What did you do?

Asked by willbrawn (6606points) February 13th, 2010

A lot of people, including myself on occasion get realy upset when people “wrong” us. Sometimes we tend to overreact and do something over the top. Whats your story, or a friends story of overreacting?

example; I was driving with my dad on the highway. A small subaru STi cut him off and then proceeded to break check him. He got super pissed, rolled down his window and threw a chocolate milkshake onto his windshield. It was interesting to say the least.

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I don’t get mad I get even.Cliche but in my case perfectly true.

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I don’t have confrontations with people, but if I did, I’d be in their face big time. I’m not one to keep my feelings to myself. Everyone can read me like a book.

@willbrawn Great milk shake story. I thought you were going to say that he chunked it in an open window.

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At the bookstore where I work, there is a customer of whom I am very fond. We like the same books, we even have the same favorite animal. Naturally, we became friends. But there was one point where we disagreed – hairstyles.

She likes short, I like long. One day she tells me this, and even goes so far as to a shorter style would do me wonders. I lost it – big time.

A week later (she had avoided me and vice versa), I was feeling the loss. No one else I knew was quite as into literature like us. Nobody cared about symbolism like the two of us. Heh, no one could understand literature like the two of us, apparently. I tried chatting to some people about my favorite reads and that went down the drain. No one could grasp the fact that a golden bowl probably is symbolic nor could they comprehend why a “good” author would allow his/her main character to die.

Finally, I sent her an unsigned email to meet me at a local cafe. There, we had lunch and discussed it like adults. Soon, we were laughing again. The only negative side affect was my guilt over my own childish ire.

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I always shout and get really pissed off, but then sometimes I apologize.

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@ucme I am the same way. But I do get mad so I get even. Let know one think they can walk all over me and get away with it.

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retreat, revisit, and reconcile? :)

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Here’s an example of my best friends boyfriend’s overreacting scene…She broke up with him at a restaurant. He was very mad, and (I never really liked him, because he just overreacted at a lot of things just in general) he actually started yelling and cursing, and tipped over a table and stormed out of the restaurant. It was actually a double date, so that’s why I was there. But she broke up with him because she came to her senses and broke it off at the beginning when he started doing something incredibly unpredictable and immature. So, this was his scene, in public.

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If it is a situation in which I can apologize, I usually will. If it is not, I usually beat myself up for a while, then let it go.

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Yeah I get really cross, a lot. But I would I have a mood disorder. However, that does not excuse me as people don’t know that. I nearly threw something into some ones car window I had such road rage. But thought better of it. Thank goodness. I am learning to temper my temper.

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@mollypop51797 sounds to me like your friend made the right choice if he can act that way in public I would be afraid how he would act in private. If not right away but years down the road. That shows me that he leads toward being a violent person and its better for her safety to cut it off before there is to much attachment.

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I would chased him down and “beat his ass!” Just kidding, but sure would have wanted too.

Seriously, would apologize if i overracted! If i don’t make peace with that person, will bother me for days!

Don’t want that!

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I am the type of person that feels the need to get to the bottom of things right away if its with my power to do so. If I know I have wronged someone I will go to them and make peace but if I feel justified by my actions I have learned to just let it go and let the bridge be burned. It’s all about choosing your battles.

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We were getting ready to go on vacation and my husband kept riding my ass about getting the car cleaned out. I’d had enough of his mouth. I was waiting until the last minute so that it wouldn’t have a chance to get dirty again. He kept on and kept on until we got into a big argument about it. I went in the kitchen to wash dishes and cool off. He came in there looking to argue some more. I turned around with the plate I’d been washing in my hands and heaved it at him like a frisbee. Luckily he moved just in time and it hit the basement door jamb, shattering into a zillion pieces. I felt a little better afterward and he backed off about cleaning the car.

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@zebter Well, he was safe, and nice, but he just needed attention. I don’t think he would ever hurt anyone on purpose. It’s just that it was his call for attention, you know? That kind of sugar coated attitude that is just put on. Well, come to think of it, he might have had anger management issues too, but he wasn’t a violent man. Just….weird…inconsiderate, and…immature. But, it is a good thing that my friend had broke up with him.

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Whilst parking at the supermarket, a guy who clearly had no kids jumped into the parent and child place I was just pulling into. When I politely pointed this out, he let fly with a vitriolic tirade, calling me every name under the sun. This continued whilst inside as he glowered and sniped at me all the way round. When we left and I had loaded up the car, I took the trolley back the long way round. On the way I smashed it into every panel of his car! Extreme I know, but people with no manners who have clearly been dragged up from the sewer really p*ss me off :-)

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@OreetCocker How on earth did you avoid being sued to high heaven??

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I usually cry and it really pisses me off. I want to be a roaring tiger, not a blubbering idiot.

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If I get pissed at someone, I usually act like a little bitch and give them the silent treatment, unless they owe me money.

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@OreetCocker And you did that in front of your children…?

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When I really really REALLY get pissed off at people, I say stuff like, “I hope you die” or “I hope your head gets decapitated” or “Go to hell” and stuff like that. A few hours later I cool down and get over it though, and I usually get in trouble for what I said because they always tell my parents. I apologize though. And sometimes, I actually mean it too. But only sometimes. If I dislike the person, then I sercretly won’t feel sorry at all. I’m trying to stop saying those things though, I guess it is a little over the top.

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I’m not confessing,but when I was a teenager,my sister got mad at me,wrapped dog poop in a tissue and placed it at the back of my underwear drawer.She called it a “Sachet ‘O Love“lmao!

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Years ago I was really sick and wanted my then husband to get back from a consultation with friends in another city. I thought he’d drive up then right back but after a few hours when I called, he was still there with them and they were all having a great time. I was so enraged he didn’t come immediately back home that I took a huge ass butcher knife we had (he still owns it) and hacked up part of our tiled kitchen counter.

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I was coming home from an unexpected death in the family, and my Daughter-In-Law had been acting her usual selfish, spoiled brat self. She yelled at her 2 year old for playing in the dirt, even though she had done nothing with him while the rest of us were loading the car.

I finally lost it and yelled at her about every thing I had been mad about the entire week. As usual, she denied everything, and nothing was resolved. She even denied sneaking out at 2am to get fast food, even though I had the receipt to prove it.

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@spinel It was dark, there were no cameras and I did it very quickly!

@drasticdreamer No, as I said I took the trolley back the long way round the car park.

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