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Do dogs see ghosts?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) February 13th, 2010

For months, my wife has told me that our border collie is seeing ghosts in our home. i did not believe this, until i witnessed this myself. our dog, Mikey, is very intelligent. his IQ is equivalent to that of a three year old child. i was feeding Mikey a can of Pedigree one morning, when he suddenly stopped eating and looked over my shoulder to the ceiling. his ears dropped back and he slowly walked away and hid in the bathtub(his security blanket is our bathtub). since this one event, there have been other incidents of the same kind. Mikey looks up to the ceiling and goes to hide. Is Mikey seeing ghosts? we live on property that use to be a dairy farm that had slaves. we believe there are burial grounds on our property from that era. is this an isolated incident with our border collie or do other people experience the same type situation with their dog, that possibly sees “ghosts”?

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Yes, all dogs see ghosts. But they only see doggy ghosts.

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Lol, I can’t say for sure, they certainly are disturbed at night from unknown things, and in all of those stupid supernatural occurrence shows the dog seems to always be the one who sees it.


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No, because ghosts aren’t real.

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bring another dog in for a while and see if he does it too.
You can start with another of the same breed if you want to keep it organized.

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I thought everyone saw ghosts. You don’t?

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Don’t forget that dogs can detect sounds inaudible to human ears.

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What???....Obviously! hahahahahahaha.

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It seems to have been an important idea in this book, anyway.

I don’t believe in any such thing. There’s another explanation for your dog’s behavior.

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I had a dog who acted in this way when we were on holiday in a very old cottage, which were formerly stables.

We took her to the vets when we came home, because we thought she had a medical problem. The vet was CERTAIN my dog was ‘sensing’ something we could neither see nor hear, and that was why she was reacting in this way.

I was quite shocked that a vet would say such a thing, but I accepted her view.

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“Scooby dooby doo!” “Raggy I see a rhost” If as you say your dog has the IQ similar to a 3 year old child, then in my experience children of that age have a very furtive imagination.They often claim to have imaginary friends subconscious imagery.Maybe that corrolates to what your pooch is experiencing.Just one guy talking here.

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JERUBA, went to this site, but it does not tell what the book is about. can you explain?

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I don’t know about dogs, but I had a cat who could see or sense ghosts.

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@wilma How do you know they were sensing ghosts? Could it be something else? A similar thing happened to my dog. See my answer to this question.

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@partyparty I am assuming she saw the same kind of things that I see and sense in my home, only with her extra sensitive senses, I think she saw and sensed more.

did I write sense too many times? :)

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I don’t know, my dog can’t speak to tell me.

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@Dibley But have you ever noticed your dog acting strangely? As if he can see or sense something you can’t?

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@partyparty He can sense a lot that I can’t, dogs have stronger senses than we do. I don’t know what his iq is either, we’ve never given him a Mensa test.

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How do you test a dog’s IQ anyway?

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Throw an imaginary ball & the dumb pooch is guaranteed to go fetch. Genius.

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The most likely explanation is that there are small critters moving about through the framework of the house.

And by that I don’t mean small ghosts. Mice, termites, roaches, or even a small snake are far likelier candidates than ghosts.

This is also most likely what the Vet was implying. Dogs’ sense of hearing and smell is so much more acute than our own. We wouldn’t hear a mouse or termites but I have no doubt a dog can.

And since he can’t see what is making the sound, it’s understandable that he might be frightened or on guard.

There have been similar questions regarding cats staring at the walls or “seeing ghosts”.

Same thing applies. Small critters of some sort. Or floorboards shifting from weather/humidity changes. All far more likely than ghosts.

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@Buttonstc Yes I think you are right with your answer.

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@john65pennington, scroll down on the Amazon site and it’ll tell what the book is about.

and this is interesting:

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They are more likely to sniff phantom doggy ass.

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I think that they can see things that most people can’t see,so yes.:)

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First of all, ghosts don’t exist, but there are many physiological reasons why people sometimes get the impression. We share mammalian brains with dogs. It’s reasonable to assume that occasionally dogs get the impression too.

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Cool.I didn’t realize all of that mattbrowne.

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Ever seen a dog bark at nothing? perhaps the creature is hallucinating.

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I have bea2345.I’ve even seen my cat looking at things and following them with her eyes,not seeing a thing myself.

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