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How do I load pictures onto my new Pandigital photo frame?

Asked by Val123 (12684points) February 14th, 2010

It’s very confusing.

For one thing, for some reason, the owner’s manual is tiny and it’s REALLY hard to read. It’s only about 4”” by 4” with correspondingly tiny lettering. I’m looking for something online that I can actually read. On the back of the unit it says the model is PAN3502W02. I can’t find anything with that model number online. I found a PAN*1*1502W02, but it says it’s a 15 inch frame and this is not anywhere near a 15 inch frame. More like a 6 inch frame.

I also got this tiny little CD. It says it’s an installation CD, which I would assume would be for my computer but….it’s really tiny! It’s only 3 inches across. It doesn’t sit in my disk tray, so I can’t imagine what I’m supposed to do with it.

Also, it was blathering on about inserting a memory card which contained your pictures….but how in the world do I get my pics out of my computer and on to a memory card that’s not the same size as what I use in my camera?

I did find a USB cable, which was a relief, because I’m assuming that means I can download from my computer directly into the internal memory of the thang….but since I can’t use the installation disc I’m stuck.

I’m really confused, as you may be able to tell by my rambling here.

Anyone have any experience with these things?


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Maybe the instructions for other models are the same, or at least close enough. Have you tried these?

Digital Photo Frame (DPF) – QUICK START GUIDE

3.5 Inch Frames – Pandigital Product Guide

Also, avoid their software if possible. Not that theirs is bad (I have no idea) but many cameras/scanners/printers/etc work very well without extra software.

The manufacturers programs are added bloat which can slow your machine down or interfere with normal function.

There is a good chance the frame simply shows up as a drive when you plug in the USB, and you can copy JPG files directly onto it.

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@jaytkay Thanks. That’s exactly what’s happening. I’m able to transfer directly from the computer onto the photo frame by clicking and dragging. However, I figured out what the business is about the card. Without it the thing only holds two pictures, pretty much like a camera. So now I suppose I have to pay $50 to get a card for it…....

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You can probably save much smaller copies of the images for the digital frame, and fit more inside.

It looks like your target size is 320×240.
“PANDIGITAL PAN3502W02 3.5 320×240 Digital Photo Frame

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How do I make my copies smaller?

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What version of Windows or Mac OS are you using?

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XP…I don’t see anything that will allow me to re size my pics when I open them up. I can download them to photobucket and re size them that way, but I really want to see the thing work before I die!!

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XP, cool! Microsoft has a super-simple image resizer. (There’s a copy for Vista and Windows 7 but I have not tried it). Once the software is installed, you can right-click on a file (or several files) and choose “Resize”.

Download from this page (look for “ImageResizer.exe” on the right-hand side) – Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP.

And here’s a guide to using it – Resize digital pictures quickly

For anyone interested, the Vista/Windows 7 copy of this program, which is not from Microsoft, is here:

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Try this

It is free and open source.

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You guys are AWSOME!!! Thank you!

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OK, it’s installed…but now I can’t find it! I assumed it would save to my desk top, but it didn’t. I did a system search for Powertoys, and found something in my accessories, but it just says “read me.” I can’t find the actual program to use it…..

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If you right-click on a JPG file, does the pop-up menu include “Resize Pictures”?
There will be nothing in Program files or Start Menu, just the right-click.

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@jaytkay Excellent! That was it exactly. So far I’m up to 16 pics on my digital frame. I can’t thank you enough!

(Boy, I sure have a thing with taking pictures of Kids in Trees….. :)

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Glad it works. That is a great tool, Your question led me to the updated version for Vista or Windows , I was very happy to find that.

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@jaytkay You know, this Q got modded by the ever wonderful Augustalan (not being sarcastic either. She’s so cool and understanding in her moderating) that time I’d almost figured it out, and almost deleted the question. I’m SO glad I didn’t! I’ve learned more geek stuff from these online networking sites than I ever even knew existed!

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