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What gift do you dream of giving on Valentine's Day?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (37122points) February 14th, 2010

It’s easy to imagine what we want to receive as a gift for Valentine’s Day, but what would you like to give? What could you present to your love that would make you happier than anything they could give you?

I would like to give a bouquet of helium-filled balloons with tickets for a hot-air balloon ride tied to the strings.

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Something epic that sums up the whole relationship. Like give it at the place where we met, and have different parts of it that my boyfriend would recognize and think were thoughtful.

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Anything that will let my Valentine know who much he means to me! Day to day things get so busy and often in relationships you end up being buisness partners and best friends (which is all just a wonderful, natural part of things). But I like to give something that shows I feel that spark as well….

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I would love to buy my husband a new car. He desperately needs one and completely deserves one. I fantasize about getting him one every holiday.

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He is perfect to me just the way he is, but solely for him: legs that work – even if just for a day.

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something that gives her a good time and she’ll remember it for years
A Slayer CD, perhaps Hell Awaits.

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@Mike_Hunt Not sure if thats the kind of woman you’d would want or not lol! ;)

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The gift of Life and Acceptance…to moi!

I give myself permission to live, and permission to accept others for who they are, with no reservation and no comparisons. If I don’t agree with their actions and talk, I don’t have to play with them.

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For more years than I can count I have dreamt of giving my heart and soul to the deserved one…this year I finally came as close as I ever have…I hope my efforts are not in vain…

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That sounds great…. I bought my gf a cactus. She loved it.

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The gift of paying off all of his debt and future bills.

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I would like to give him a kick in the pants ;)

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@lucillelucillelucille Tennis shoes or stilettos?? Inquiring minds want to know?? ;)

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@Cruiser -Cinderblocks…with a sensible heel ;)

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i dream of making sweet love

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