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so there's a girl I been trying to get with for about 5 years and were still cool but she says she wants to be friends but I want to be more and I dont know what to do

Asked by Speedyg (8points) March 3rd, 2008 from iPhone


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i’ve been in the same boat, for 2 years.
just keep living your life, don’t give up other opportunities for her.
if it’s meant to be it will happen.

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Go date other people while still being her friend. You might learn stuff from her about relationships from a girls perspective

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I think everyone has been in this position you can’t force love if its been 5 years I would look elsewhere for some buns

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I’m in the same position.
just breathe.
and wait it out.
she’ll eventually realize what a great thing you are for her.
just always be there for her and do all the great things a guy should do for someone they care about. trust me.

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just remember you can’t buy love. (not talking about money…) even if you do all these fantastic things for her, and go to great heights to please her, she still has to love you for who you are, not the awesome things you can do.

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so true.
I don’t even mean money man.
just say little things that will make her all or you.

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don’t push4it 2 hard or else u just mite push her away4 good. Just let it go. If its right then she’ll come2u . What’s worst not being with her or not having her to be with. Just think about that for a sec

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LuckVIII’s advice is what I did, we spent a lot of time discussing relationships, she was a great asset in getting over heartbreaks. We’re still great friends too. I’d still be waiting 21 years later.

The harder you try the more of a friend or pest you’ll become.

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I was in love with this girl we were friends for a while until I decided to tell her and of course got the “I only like you as a friend”. I was so hurt I told her I never wanted to see her again. I totally regret it now cuz I’d much rather have her as a friend than nothing.

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NO means NO. If she says she’s not interested, move on.

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I would continue being her friend but don’t expect that she will turn back to you anytime soon. Meet other people. But more importantly don’t compare others to her and use her as a template as what the “perfect person” should be. You’re doing others injustice as well as yourself my friend.

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give up hope.

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Move on with your life, without getting struck with her. Let her be your friend and make other such good friends. Do not be totally dependent on her. Who knows you are missing out on other girls, because of this one relationship

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