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Has anyone ever made out with their cousin?

Asked by cornbird (1747points) February 14th, 2010

I know this is a very weird question but it is very realistic. I have found that people including me have had attractions to their cousins and I just would like to know if anyone has broken any rules and actually crossed the line. I think that persons will answer honestly since no one can publicly know anyone.

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Nope. Luckily for me, all of my cousins are ugly, so I haven’t had any urge.

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Um, no thanks.

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Karen from Mean Girls

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I used to date a guy who ended up marrying his cousin.

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Not no, but HELL no!!!

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Once… long, long ago. But, technically, we were only cousins because my Dad remarried her Mom’s sister and not because we shared the same family blood.

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I have. we have liked each other since childhood. turns out he was adopted. so does that still count?

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Hells no.

Though, i do have a friend who slept with a girl he met at a bar once, the next morning she asked him to grab something from her purse and he saw a picture of his second uncle in there. So he asked her why the fuck she had a pic of him. It was her dad.

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No, I’ve never made out with a cousin and no, I won’t ever be making out with a cousin. Yes, I find it unusual to engage in intimacy with a cousin and yes, it comes under the purview of incestuous activity.

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Paddle faster, I think I hear banjos.

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What’s the old joke?

“Unis! If wee got a deevorse, wuud yoo still be mah sistor?”

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Ten famous people who have married their cousin

And Wikipedia tells all

And last, but not least, a list of states that allow cousins to get married

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Everyone from the PW area.

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If you’d met my cousins, you wouldn’t be asking me this question.

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I had a huge crush on one of my cousins when in my teens, end of story.

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Yes. Aside from being its father, how am I related to our child?

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@uberbatman that’s not true, is it?

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My cousin’s beautiful but a female, like me. In our younger days though and thanks to lots of alcohol, yes we kissed. It grosses me out, or just doesn’t sit right looking back but yeah.

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@Rarebear Sooooooooooo…..the big question is “did those who had children with their cousins have mentally challenged or defective children ah la myth goes?” Or in spite of their close relations they had children that was as normal as any others?

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TRUE STORY: I was at a party and very drunk. I made out with a guy and realized he was the kid my uncle had adopted a while ago. He rarely comes to family events and when he does, he just hangs out with his iPod and doesn’t talk, so I completely forgot who he was. Then it clicked in my head and I freaked out. We are both adopted into that family, so there’s no blood relation, but it’s still an awkward thought..

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@rovdog Sadly it is…. He was a bit of a ladys man sort to say, always bringing home different women. Yeaaaaaaaa this one didnt exactly work out as planned.

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@Hypocrisy_Central Good question, and I don’t have the data off hand, but I don’t think so.

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@Hypocrisy_Central The frequency of birth defects isn’t really that much higher than babies born from “normal” relationships.

The variation is slightly decreased. If we, as a species, were to only mate with our close relatives for many generations, we would have issues. First generation isn’t going to really be noticeable.

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No. I only have one cousin and he’s gay, so even if I wanted to make out with him that wouldn’t work. That is, considering that he didn’t see a problem with cousins making out, gay or not. Guess I’ll ask him next time we meet.

Or not.

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@Sarcasm @Rarebear (Cloaking them in flame proof garments) That is not what most want to hear, they want to hear that any babies made between cousins will go through lofe as drooling idiots or be born with 6 toes and fingers etc.

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When we were younger, my two cousins treated me pretty badly and I treated them the same way. I don’t know if I would have had any desire to make out with either of them if we hadn’t been so nasty to each other when we were younger but I can honestly say that now, I have not nor do I ever want to make out with my cousin.

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don’t you know anything about @le_inferno and i?

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I thought my second cousin once removed was hot when I was a raging hormonal adolescent.

Wasn’t there an issue with royal families in Europe since they intermarried so much? An issue with children that were born because of the constant blood-relation mating?

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@tragiclikebowie: That’s why so many members of European royalty have hemophilia. It’s a recessive gene but because they kept marrying each other, so it was never bred out.

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George MIchael has just to teach them a lesson.

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Yes. My brother used to make out with our cousin. they even made love.

I sure would like to know what those first few answers were that got removed!!!!

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a weird feeling you had,

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@Hypocrisy_Central ”...babies made between cousins will go through lofe as drooling idiots”
I find that wording highly offensive. Where do you come up with some of the shit that you say?

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@Hypocrisy_Central What @rangerr said! I hate misspelled words!

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@Sampson Yeah, I didn’t even notice that. :l

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What kind of a question is that? LOTS of people have made out, married and even had children with their cousins. Happens less frequently these days, but of course it’s been done…copiously!

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No, it’s disgusting.

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There are cousins a couple of counties away marrying each other. What you talking ‘bout?

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Yes, cousins are for practicing. Really though, yes I have with a 3rd cousin of mine. In my family it’s been common for cousins to be paired and then married. First cousins aren’t allowed and 2nd cousins are looked down on since that’s your parents’ first cousins but removed from there… well.

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@rangerr You have NEVER heard of that? It is one of the main reasons for not inbreeding is because the kids will come out with two heads, 6 toes and fingers are stupid as dish water etc. That is what is believed or the urban myth, but seeing we have some examples to test the theory of the people stated in the link @Rarebear that some cousins who married had kids and I bet they were normal. It is somewhat a popular believe, which I suspect can be debunked by their children at least.

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@Hypocrisy_Central: There’s no mention of any birth defects in any of my families and we’ve all been in the states since the 1800’s.

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@hungryhungryhortence Isn’t there…..makes you wonder where or who started those myths and rumors? Ummmmm…........?

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@Hypocrisy_Central No, no. I’ve heard of it. It’s the way you said ”...babies made between cousins will go through lofe as drooling idiots” that I find offensive. You worded it as if it that makes those people freaks of nature or something, rather than just having a disability. The “drooling idiots” part is what I’m annoyed with, really.
Edit: Oh, and the “stupid as dish water” comment, I can only assume you are referring to people with mental retardation?

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@rangerr Let me clarify, it was not my saying, it is what is said as urbam legend out on the grapevine just about anytimes something is mentioned about siblings or cousins having sex and kids coming from it. But since no one hardly knows of any children that came from siblings or cousins there was no way to debunk it though logic says different but there are children that can be compared those of the people in the link. It is just out there like don’t let a black cat cross your path, don’t do laundry on New Years or you will have a death in the family etc. I did not create or it is what I say, I was merely repeating a rumor or myth already out there.

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@Hypocrisy_Central NOT ONCE did I say anything about your comments about the results of inbreeding… I’m talking about the way you chose to word it… actually read what I last said and try again.

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@rangerr That was the way I heard it, the moment I start redacting the version of what I heard as to change the meaning or intent of what was said by whoever I would need to get elected to government 1st. The story you said before if I took just “I was at a party and very drunk. I made out with a guy and realized he was the kid my uncle had adopted a while ago. We are both adopted into that family, so there’s no blood relation” and redacted the rest it would in many eyes say something much different than you intended.

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Good fucking lord.
It’s very fucking offensive. Some people actually DO have that problem as part of a mental defect.
I don’t know what the fuck government or my story has anything to do with it, but if you’re not going to pay attention to the damn thread, stop trying to add to it.

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This one time…at band camp.

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I shouldn’t have been amused by that exchange but I sort of was. Why do I feel that that will soon be moderated? Sigh. I should just go watch Jersey Shore or something.

@uberbatman I like that story. It’s kind of hilarious. It sounds like something that would have happened to some of my wacky irresponsible friends. It’s just desert, I guess. I like the image of finding the picture in the purse.

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lol, no I have not. I have slept with 2 guys who were cousins though.

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