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What kind of activities might you do in the evenings or at weekends?

Asked by seldomseenkid (122points) February 15th, 2010

I’m just out of a relationship, and part of the break-up coping strategy is to do lots of stuff. I do see friends pretty regularly, but they have their own lives and can’t keep me company all the time. I’m in the middle of a meditation course, which I’m loving, and have done some conservation volunteering. But everything else I can think of to do seems to cost tons of money which I just don’t have – which probably isn’t helped by living in London where everything is mega expensive by default. Any ideas for cheap/free things that might fill up an evening or weekend?

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Go for a walk on a nearby trail in the woods or near some water.

Go out to a coffee shop or to a cafe in a bookstore.

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Check out the local music scene.

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You live in an entirely different setting than I do, so I don’t know if the things that keep me busy are available to you.
I volunteer for our local museum, (nice place to meet new people) I volunteer at out local food pantry and at our school and church. All of these groups have benefit and and fund-raising activities that need willing hands to get the job done. You don’t usually need any special talents except to show up and help. Just like your conservation volunteering, you feel good helping, you meet people, you aren’t sitting home alone and everyone comes out ahead!

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Go to your local specialty camera store. Ask the kind salesperson to guide you through getting a start up Digital SLR for under $500. They have good beginner photo books at camera shops. Go on personal Photo Dates with you and your camera. The camera store will print your favorites and sell you picture frames to display your new found vision on the walls of your home.

They will become priceless treasures over time and heirloom gifts to surprise your friends with. You will find your creative side and perhaps fall into your local art scene or photo club meeting lots of new friends.

Being single is FABULOUS!

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Meditation is great :) I would go to a park and walk.If you have a digital camera,take it along and just start shooting.You could also take a journal along.I walk everyday in any kind of weather and it feels great to get out and enjoy mother nature.I have chicadees eating out of my hand!Vey cool:))Depending on where I walk,I will see many of the same people and it is always a nice thing too.

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Play video games, have horror movie nights with friends, or go out and get tanked.

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I suggest you look into volunteer opportunities. You will find something to keep you busy, help other people, and maybe even meet someone new.

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Make songs and lyrics. Then record them. Then share :)

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I’m agreeing with most everyone else here, so this may not help you as much..I think that volunteer work is GREAT! What about doing other things like.. starting photography, that’s cool, or meeting new friends which I’m sure isn’t that hard to do when you get out, what about… painting, these things are good time consuming activities for free time. Or, roaming the internet, there are always things to look up, or whatever on the internet too :)

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