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Why are girls lacking in sense of humor?

Asked by zykel (63points) February 15th, 2010

Ofcourse,I dont mean to say that girls arent capable of humor and cracking good jokes.They can come up with good jokes

I dont mean to do any gender stereotyping and if you do feel like that I’m sorry, no offense intended

But generally in a group of friends, I havent noticed girls initiating humor, or being the stand out comedian, they always add to the drama but not playing the sheet anchor like how guys have been observed to do

Also we know guys falling for girls for their so many qualities – beauty, their intelligence,their attitude and so on….humor has never been heard or should I say very rarely heard as one of those qualities.

Is it because they take down the worries of others onto themselves that they are unable to bring out their lighter side?

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Girls who bring the funny do it for me. It’s something that I look for in a woman (I’m a lesbian)..

I don’t buy any of what you said for a minute. I don’t see it..

Next! (no soup for you!)

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I have a sense of humour. It’s just that most people think I’m being immature or cruel when I exhibit what I think is funny.

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You’re hanging out with the wrong girls.

….and why are most guys such assholes anyway?~

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This is so false it’s not even funny.

No pun intended.

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@J0E Maybe that’s because OP is a girl, and as we all know, girls lack humor.

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What does “but not playing the sheet anchor like how guys have been observed to do” mean?

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It is less graceful?

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I think maybe some girls are intimidated by trying to be funny with a bunch of guys around. Guys can be pretty harsh sometimes, so if its a bad joke you might get bashed a bit.

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“But at some point he has to be comfortable with me. I mean, he has had my nipples in his mouth.”

Most women I’ve met are fucking hilarious.

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It’s genetic and adaptive. Men invented humor so they wouldn’t kill women.~
At least that’s what I heard

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what is a sheet anchor?

We have funny bones too.

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It’s probably because they have mammary glands in place of humor glands. You’ll learn about it when you get to the 10th grade.

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Because girls are too busy making me a sandwich…

But seriously, my friend Alicia is one of the funniest people I know and as far as I know, she is a girl. It just depends on your friends.

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You need to find some new chick friends.

I’m usually the one making people laugh when we hang out.

Also, don’t voice these thoughts out loud. Girls think a kick in the nads can be hilarious.

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Crosses legs
That is just just never funny.

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@SeventhSense: See? That’s why it is. :D

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Perhaps if boys don’t consider humor a quality that they seek in girls, then the funny girls are just holding back, because they think the boys won’t like them if they’re too funny.

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@SeventhSense: Hey, hey! Seventh!

What’s the capital of Thailand?


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Exploding penis..

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Lawl Bangkok

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They’re probably too self-conscious to let their true, and hopefully funny, selves shine.

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It kind of annoys me that people are saying girls are too self-conscious to be funny. That wasn’t my experience, and I can’t think of any of my friends that had that problem.

Generally, humor and to a lesser extent in young girls, intellect is what you rely on when you’re self-conscious to be accepted despite your flaws.

At least from what I’ve seen.

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In my experience guys typically have a coarser more physical humor style, whereas gals are more subtle (barring Sarah silverman – I cannot watch her for the same reason I can’t watch curb your enthusiasm – I’m always embarrassed at how clueless they seem to be)

Anyhoot standard disclaimer about sweeping generalizations

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Take your blinders off. The no humor type of girl died out two centuries ago along with corsets. Humor is all the rage these days. :)

Perhaps what you label humorous is to narrow to be practical? Just a suggestion…

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@asmonet Hm, that’s a good point. I was thinking more along the lines of older girls and young women who are so concerned about looking “cute” or being perfect (think prissy girls) that they sacrifice their true personalities in fear of breaking that image.

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As an aside, I’ve only hit a woman once in my life. She thought it’d be a riot to punch me in the balls. I kneed her in the vagina.

Woman, it isn’t funny at all.

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@essieness: Gotcha. :)

@Grisaille: Pfft. Still funny. And probably worth it. :)

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Guys are surprisingly resilient to a shot to nads – we’ve dealt with it our whole life. She, however, dropped to the floor and started crying. I doubt she found it very funny.

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Well, I do. :P
Maybe it doesn’t phase me as much as others, I’ve done a lot of horseback riding. Having a saddle horn smashed into the front of your pubic bone when a horse falls kind of makes pain in that area a bit of a cake walk after that. Lots of bruising, nothing damaged but it knocked me flat on my ass.

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Come on now. Let’s kick off a charged question about humorous women by a kick in the balls.

Another reason why very few women get huge in comedy. Humor is kind of aggressive and very few women can pull that off successfully without appearing like a world class bitch. And those who do, Silverman, Rivers are basically accepted as bitches. Double standard yes but true. There actually has never been a woman comedian whose broken that barrier. Maybe Joan Rivers. Again I’m talking stadium sell out level.
ok don’t throw bottles..just cups please

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Hang out at an elementary school and you will see some wicked wit in the girls until the dreadful day arrives that they realize they want to have a boyfriend.

Then, like many other aspects of their personalities, humor will go underground. I hate, hate, hate, that young girls are encouraged to measure themselves by their sexual attractiveness and ability to snag a mate.

It is tragic really.

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No it is true, we’ve had been through this before, it annoys me when people, for the sake of political correctness, say otherwise. Girls are unwilling or lacking the aptitude for humour. the exception to the rule does not negate the rule.

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It’s all about society’s culture and gender roles unfortunately. Men have been “taught” to be funny whilst women have been “taught” to sit there and look pretty.

It sucks, but it’s fast changing, perhaps not as quickly where you live though…

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Because they’re laughing at you, not with you.

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If I know the people I’m around and I’m comfortable (or if I’ve had some whiskey), I love making people laugh. Raunchy, rude, animated and wits are the best. And I love jokes that are so bad you can’t help but laugh. Thank you, Zach Galifianakis, Maria Bamford and Sarah Silverman. I think if a girl isn’t entirely comfortable, she may be absorbing the environment and just sort of observing boundaries. I sometimes find myself doing that. Nothing says awkward quite like making a joke about uncircumcised dicks around someone who’s a bit more on the conservative side.

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We do, we just outgrow FART humor before adolescence

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Sheesh. Not true.
I’ve known plenty of girls who were hysterical. People like laughing, that includes women.

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@SeventhSense – I always thought Carol Burnett was pretty funny without being a “bitch.” Ditto Lily Tomlin, Moms Mabley, Tina Fey, Margaret Cho, Lucille Ball, Bernadette Peters, Madeline Kahn, Vicki Lawrence, Gilda Radner, Rita Rudner, and Gracie Allen.

Joan Rivers isn’t the only one, you know, even if you don’t think Sarah Silverman is funny.

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You’re hanging around the wrong group of girls.

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Because they’re laughing at you, not with you.
See that’s really not funny. It’s just another attempt to kick a man in the balls. It’s like Lisa Lampanelli she’s just a crude woman. The more successful a woman becomes in that vein the more unattractive she appears as a woman. Sometimes with a Sarah Silverman you kind of excuse her guffaws as part of her “endearing narcissism” but even that gets old after awhile but she starts to shine in situational comedy scenarios. As this scholarly link points out even Chevy Chase and John belushi said that women aren’t funny. I disagree with that sentiment though.
I agree that they are some great comics but again other than Joan Rivers none of them could fill Madison Square Garden or have, like Richard Pryor or even Dane Cook have done. I can’t say for certain that Carol Burnett couldn’t have but she was always a situational comic as much as she could certainly work a crowd.

As a rule they just don’t have the draw or they would have higher billing. Among the top 50 comics to be inducted into the new Comedian Hall of Fame there are a handful of women but Moms Mabley and Lucille Ball just don’t have the mass appeal as Rodney Dangerfield or Sam Kinnison also on the list. Moms Mabley???

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^ Did he just say that? God what a chauvinist…

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You can’t post this question and claim to not be stereotyping. Try again.

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He’s young he doesn’t know any better.
As for me? I’m just a glutton for punishment.

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@Seventh Sense – Moms Mabley and remember that a lot of what she did was done not only before Women’s Lib, but also before Freedom Marches and MLK.

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Yes probably brave and groundbreaking but is she funny?
Compared to this comedy genius

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@monocle ou might choose a different word. Freud thought women were hysterical too.
–adjective 1. of, pertaining to, or characterized by hysteria.
2. uncontrollably emotional.
3. irrational from fear, emotion, or an emotional shock.
4. causing hysteria.
5. suffering from or subject to hysteria

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@SeventhSense , Dane Cook is a pathetic excuse of a comedian. Nobody really likes him in the comedy world. He steals jokes and he’s boring. It’s extremely depressing to see him as one of the most successful “comedians”.
And in defense of Lisa Lampenelli and Sarah Silverman, they use crude humor and it works if you ask me. They use humor that’s already within the stereotypes. They exaggerate it. Lisa Lampenelli’s following is largely the targets of her jokes.
I feel like the comedy world can be easily compared to the art world. It’s mostly a man’s world. The progress of both of these cultures are moving extremely slow (it took until the 80s for an extremely successful black artist to happen (Basquiat)). The women aren’t as well known, they’re definitely there, they’re just a bit harder to find.
And although both Chevy Chase and John Belushi are great comedy icons, those are just two men saying that. And both being from SNL, which was a pretty sexist place when they were there, it’s not too surprising. I’d like to know their (although one’s dead so it’s a bit difficult to know what he’d say now) opinions on women in comedy now.
And to say that Sarah Silverman, Maria Bamford or Tina Fey aren’t funny is just a tad on the ridiculous side.
And, uh… two successful male comedians are Carlos Mencia and Dane Cook… which doesn’t say much for mainstream society’s views on comedy.

Aaand… rant over

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I think comedians are just jealous of Dane Cook. Comedians are insecure people. He can fill stadiums. He’s an amazing and very successful physical comedian for a reason. He makes Jim Carey look like an amateur.
I never said that Silverman, Fey or Bamford weren’t funny. I think Maria Bamford is amazingly funny. She cracks me up. But if it’s all about a man’s world, then women should easily be able to fill the bill. They are certainly more populous so their dollar should count for something. I don’t know why it is but it certainly seems to be true that more comics are male. Interesting that the funniest women like men seem to have a distinct reason for becoming funny. Bamford appears to have some real neurosis so maybe comedy was a coping mechanism.
It’s probably genetic. Men seem to have have the need to be funny for adaptation maybe. Perhaps as a means to sublimate aggression or something. Who knows. I think as a rule there are more men that can make both sexes laugh then the opposite.
Personally I do know that if I can make a woman laugh it’s a good thing. :)

P.S.-In art I don’t think it’s the same. The undiscovered artist is a bit of a myth. If you’re good they’ll find you.
<——- Basquiat was the bomb.

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Re: Silverman, Fey, Bamford
I’m getting a little tired of people telling me I said something which I didn’t. Make an inference but don’t attribute it to me please.

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@SeventhSense Oh comedy is definitely a coping mechanism for many comedians.
I still don’t entirely agree with the Dane Cook comment. Yes, comedians are insecure but I think he just does the comedy world dirty, if that makes sense. I thought he was funny at first. But then he just did the same thing over and over. Then I found out he stole jokes (sup, Louis CK?) and I lost a lot of respect for him as a comedian. Plus the crowd he appeals to the most turns me off from him entirely. I’m not a big fan of stereotypical “bros”.
Sorry about the misunderstanding regarding Silverman, Fey and Bamford. My bad.

Regarding art – I suppose but it really depends on who’s the big critic at the time. I’m completely blanking on the guy’s name but the critic who was big on Picasso would constantly dismiss women artists. It wouldn’t matter how good they were, he didn’t care because they didn’t matter. He was a big believer in art being a man’s world because women could only really make things that made you go “Oh, that’s cute and nice but it doesn’t really matter.” Thank you, art school.

Anywho, I understand that both worlds are male dominated… which sucks seeing as I’m interested in both and I’m a lady. But I’m not entirely pissed about it. I’m sexist against some things involving women (and men), it happens. It just makes me want to achieve it that much more.

And I absolutely adore Basquiat. I just noticed your little icon, which happens to be my laptop background.

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Comedians like artists are thieves and whores. They buy, beg, borrow and steal from anyone and anywhere. There’s nothing new. Just take a look at how many comics are trying to be Mitch Hedberg lately. Now he was pretty original. Steven Wright was another. Brilliant. But other than a rare few it’s subtle but within a handful of certain tropes there’s not much new you can do except put a twist on old stuff. It’s like painting (Freudian slip I originally wrote paining). What new can I offer? It’s all been done…ok I’m going to go shoot myself now…or maybe just eat a Reeses Peanut butter cup

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Hahaha yeah, I know. I know my opinion is completely biased seeing as I generally dislike Dane Cook and love Louis CK. I think the fact that it was a very obvious steal and he didn’t (as far as I know) admit to it made it a bigger deal to me.
Moral of the story: Dane Cook annoys the hell out of me and I’ll probably never really be convinced otherwise and I will find reasons to dislike him. Hahah.
Side note: I miss Mitch Hedberg.
Side note two: I just remembered (due to your Reeses peanut butter cup) I got some candy in my student mailbox and am going to enjoy those Rolos now

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@SeventhSense – Kinnison is pretty funny, but a lot of people are funnier in my opinion, including Moms Mabley.

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Milo thinks I’m funny some of the time.

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My cats know I am funny meaning strange but they are not amused.

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@Darwin: When we were kids, we used to say, “Funny peculiar.” Still, Milo laughs at many of my jokes.

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Oh come on! You can not be serious. Kinnison was brilliant.
It’s like that other linguist that people gush over George Carlin. Clever as fuck but don’t think the guy ever got a belly laugh out of me once.
I suppose much is subjective. It depends on which angst/neurosis one identifies with.
I can’t believe how much time i spend on this site…I have serious issues

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Don’t men like to be funny and have girls laugh at THEIR jokes?

That said, girls are funny too. So, yeah.

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The point of attraction is huge. It’s a large part of a woman’s attraction to a man.

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How can anyone say women have no sense of humor? We live with men don’t we? Ok maybe that’s more a sense of the absurd

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@galileogirl I’m not sure how to respond to that, so I’ll just say… babaganoosh.

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