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Do you have any opinions about herbal incense that people are smoking to get a legal "high"?

Asked by KhiaKarma (4328points) February 16th, 2010

It’s all the rage here with the teens and even adults. They smoke it to get a marajuana-like high, even though the package states that it is“not for human consumption”. It is sold as if it is organic (listing several flowers etc in it’s ingredients), but studies have shown that it may be spayed with a synthetic THC substance, which causes the high. Apparently, it does not show up on drug screens and you can get it at any head shop.

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cough cough Placebo effect…

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I’ve never heard of it. Where do you live?
I’m pro marijuana legalization, and see no real problem with the drug. It’s concerning to me that people are inhaling something artificial that could be dangerous, but what other people chose to do to their own bodies is up to them.

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I bet their breath smells mighty fine afterwards.

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@j3fr0 seriously, not a placebo effect….I thought the same thing till I tried it.

@Likeradar I have the same exact concern….we know what THC does, it’s been around for forever. And I am in New Orleans. I think it’s up to them, but it’s being marketed as organic. Most adolescents I’ve talked to about it think that it’s some sort of magical combination of these natural ingredients….

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People are stupid.

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Yeah it is some natural herbs (tastes fucking delicious, exactly like strawberries and cream and scones!)
PLUS synthetic cannabinoids, which do feel somewhat similar to Δ9-THC (of ganja fame).

I was pleasantly surprised, but at the same price as the real deal and with a slightly more freaky mong (i’m sure i felt a tiny bit of salvia divinorum in the mix), I won’t buy it again.

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What @cheebdragon said.

If you are going to smoke then why stray from the THC?

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My opinion is how boring and pathetic does your life have to be that you’ll resort to almost anything to “get high”? Find a hobby or something.

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@DominicX When you say “resort to almost anything”, you mean… smoking?
Seriously, it’s not like theyre doing jenkem….

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It just seems like the people who do this would try it before they knew what was really in it. I’m not saying they’re going to move onto sniffing rubber cement next, but this whole “gotta get my high!” thing seems a little desperate sometimes. It’s like, couldn’t you just go without it for a while?

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@judochop not sure exactly what you are saying, but it isn’t actually THC….

@DominicX they think that it is ok because it is marketed as if it is ok…..they are targeting youth and people who would smoke pot anyways, but it is illegal. I don’t think that this really falls into the “desperation” category of drug use…..imho

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People throughout the world since man roamed the planet, got high off some sort of a natural herb.. How they managed that or what they did is beyond me.. But I’ll get back to you in a few months…

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It’s probably oxygen deprivation getting those people high more than the incense.

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Beats huffing paint thinner, that’s for sure.

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@Captain_Fantasy Nah mate, I just explained exactly what it is.

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