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Where can I donate a mostly functional LCD monitor in New England?

Asked by FearlessRahul (5points) January 20th, 2007
My old monitor has been giving me troubles. If the screen is turned on, or woken up from sleep, it takes a few hours of staying on for it to work continously at 1024x768. It works immediately at 640x480 resolution. However, I feel like this would be fine for someone who: 1) Can't afford a flatscreen 2) Doesn't mind leaving it on all the time OR 2) Doesn't mind 640x480 resolution Please let me know what you think. Thanks!
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try, and post in the "free section"
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there's also a site called
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you can also try your local elementary school, or if there is a local shelter for domestic abuse victims (they can use computers for job rehab and etc)
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Thank you! I've tried my local freecycle. If that doesn't work, I'll use craigslist.

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