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The American education system: should it be run primarily by the federal gov't or the local?

Asked by squirbel (4292points) March 4th, 2008 from iPhone

Currently it is local, and educational standards vary greatly based on property values, location, and state funding.

America ranks 18th in the top 20 countries regarding educational systems. Countries such as Finland, Japan, Netherlands, Korea run their education systems from the federal level.

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I think local but be more acontable

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Yes, local but more accountable.
Each level of government adds to the bureaucracy cost, and takes money away from the actual task. It also takes power out of the hands of parents and teachers to help develop quality programs. The farther a program gets away from the originator the less intensity is applied by those who implement it.

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states should govern them selfs and comption between state drives them all to be better

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Locally funded, and the only accountability you need is to the parents.

The public high school I went to had a reputation as very academically sound. A new superintendent for the school system came in, and started doing experimental things – homogenous classes (no more “honors”/“remedial”, but all one group), “writing process” in English rather than literature. Students stopped getting into the colleges they wanted to get into, and the parents were up in arms. A school board election later, and a new superintendent, and that’s all the accountability you need.

Most of the “accountability” folderol is that parents want someone else to blame for their children’s academic failures, when they should be looking in the mirror. After 12 years of the parents going to war for an A every time a teacher gives their precious child a barely-earned B—or ignoring the matter altogether—teachers learn that it’s easier to just give everyone an A and students learn that the teachers have no backbone.

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