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Does she like me or does she still like him?

Asked by hakeem1000 (6points) February 17th, 2010

Theres a friend i havent seen since i was 7. we were real close. i found her on facebook recently and saw see was in a complicated relationship so i asked her to hang out and she said yes and the day before we hung out her status changed to single and said looking for a relationship. we went to the movies and got something to eat and it kind of felt more like a date. After she said we should do it again so valentines was a week away so asked her to breakfast and to be my valentine and she said yes. the day before breakfast she asked one of those question on facebook asking who would you spend your whole saturday with and she put my name then changed her status to complicated again

Breakfast went good and she explained that the guy she used to be with called her to much and his parents didnt like her so she dumped but is still going to go to prom with him. after breakfast we had a quick kiss, and i asked if she was happy and she said yes, her status still says complicated, i dont expect a relationship between us so soon but why is her status still complicated?

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She is still with him, but is using you for back-up to run to when she finally does dump him (if ever).

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The complicated part could be she has not decided who to be with yet.

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@davidbetterman is your best answer..

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You are plan B, most likely. Run for the hills, unless you enjoy the emotional roller-coaster.

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Good answers and I would say back up and giver her some air and you might start looking good to her again after she runs into the same issues with this guy again. Meanwhile realize she’s probably a flake but whatever. Just don’t get too attached.
You might still get a little stank on that hangnail

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It says “it’s complicated” because for her, it is complicated. When’s prom? If it’s far enough away, ask her if she’ll change her mind and go with you instead.

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