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How can I get my husband to wear clothes around the house?

Asked by jennifer502992 (74points) February 17th, 2010

Me & my husband live on a street with the closest neighbor 2 miles away.

He is constantly walking around NAKED.

I know he would be so embarrassed of somebody seeing his bare butt, but it doesn’t stop him from going outside nude all the time to get the mail.

How can I get him to keep his clothes on at the very least when he goes outside?? It’s embarrassing for ME!! lol

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Maybe you could hang a bathrobe next to the front door.

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I’d let him do it.Or….when he goes to get the mail,close the door and lock it,then call the police!Lol!!always here to help good luck

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A carefully aimed squirt gun. Ice water, of course.

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Arrange a surprise party for him the next time he goes out for the mail!

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Turn up the air conditioner.

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Set up a Msn or Skype-chat (with webcam) with your mother just before he returns from the mailbox.

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how about saying this,“Hey babe, how about being naked only at the house? Instead I kiss you whenever you want.”

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I guess either learn to accept it or just tell him you are mortified and wish he’d at least throw on some boxers to get the mail.

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Awesome Q. :) How are the neighbors not complaining about naked mail dude?

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Post naked photos of him on the internet.

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How about you going out to get the mail nude and then telling him how much fun it was and all the attention you got from his friends and how much you enjoyed it.

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Are there bears where you live? If I was outside naked, I’d be afraid of being eaten by a bear. Not logical, but you know, you’re all vulnerable and stuff. Does he wear shoes?

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If your closest neighbor is 2 miles away, why does it worry you? Do you frequently have drop-in visitors? Is there any actual risk of him being seen? If none of that is a concern, perhaps you’re just not comfortable with his constant nudity. If that’s the case, you’ll need to talk about that. Maybe he’ll agree to a compromise out of deference to your feelings.

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@augustlan Do you think for one instant that this guy is unaware of his wife’s feelings about his nudity? He is not interested in negotiation. You and I might think negotiation is great. It enables us to come to a solution that is agreeable to us both. There are people who want what they want and negotiation is simply another word for not getting what they want. It’s a loss for them. They didnt win. These types need concrete reasons to change behavior, something that is worse than the pleasure of doing as they want to do.

I learned about these types at the feet of a master, my mother.

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@plethora Well, not knowing the man, I’m inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt. The OP hasn’t told us what she’s tried in the past, or whether she’s ever even discussed this with him. You may be right, of course, but we can’t know until the OP gives us more information. Sorry about your mother… mine is a nightmare, too. :(

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@augustlan Well, I commiserate with you on your mother. Mine was removed from this earth about 4 years ago and my sister and I have never had a better relationship. Not to demean the dearly departed, and I did love my mother, but life is so much easier now.

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Stare at his junk and snicker. Then say “Really?....Alright…snicker…Have fun.”

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Had a neighbor that also did not like to wear clothes, especially when going to retrieve the mail. wife and i videotaped his oddity and threatened to show it in his church where he is an elder. we also advised him to receive psychological help…........or else. this he did and brought back a signed letter from his psychologist. he now wears a bathrobe to the mailbox. your husband has a psychological problem and should be addressed by a healthcare professional. most men do not do this.

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Walking around naked is not in the DSMIV. Please.

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Invite your mother to stay with you for a month.

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It’s his home too. We all need to be comfortable at home.

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Get him a pair of those Tommy Hilfiger soft soft sleeping shorts. Wearing them feels almost like being naked, but covers the essentials. In fact, if the guy has anything between his legs, it feels better than being naked.

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