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Can i change my son's name on the net?

Asked by JessieMatty2009 (7points) February 17th, 2010

Well my son is nearly 9 months old and i wanna change hes middle name cause i named him after my dad but i don’t talk to him any more and since i have a boyfriend we picked anthor middle name for him a better one that’s actually goes with his name

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Sure just fill out the paper work and pay the fee.

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This sounds like something you’ll need to sign a paper for at some point which would preclude you from doing this action solely online.

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Name changes with social security have to be done in person.

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I’m pretty sure that you’ll eventually have to appear in person. You may be able to obtain the forms online though, and get a head start on the process.

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You will probably have to submit signed papers at your county courthouse in person at some point to change your son’s name and pay a fee. Then you will need to go to Social Security in person to fill out and sign some more papers. In both cases you can download the forms from the Internet, but you will need to go somewhere at some point.

You might better consider that while you and your father are estranged now, you may not always be so. Family members do make up all the time. Plus, perhaps your father was named for his own father or someone else. Thus, you could say that your son is named for his grandfather or a president or famous person rather than your father. The name doesn’t change but the meaning behind it does.

In addition, unless this boyfriend is your son’s biological father, you might wish to save the new name for a child that he has fathered.

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I think you need to file any kind of name change in a court, in person. And then it, the name change, has to be published/announced in your local paper. At least that’s the way it is in my state.

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Sure. Go right ahead

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Perhaps his first name. In my state last name changes require judicial process.

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