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Can I expect to cough more if I've recently quit smoking?

Asked by judochop (16114points) February 18th, 2010 from iPhone

So I’ve recently quit smoking again, this time for good. I’ve been off and on for years. What can I expect? It’s been about five days now.

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you will feel great!!!! No you will not cough

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Your lungs are working up the shmeglah (crap). Takes a couple weeks but gets better over time.

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When me Mom quit, she had a few weeks of her lungs cleaning out. She coughed a bit, but was glad.

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Yes, at least it’s been that way for me each time I’ve quit. It seems like I cough and have rough voice for about two weeks then it goes away. Congratulations on quitting.

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Smoking kills the cilia, or tiny little hair-like projections lining our respiratory tract that help the body to get rid of mucus. Now that you’ve stopped smoking the cilia grow back so the body can start to get rid of all the mucus you’ve accumulated.

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I wish I could quit. I have tried, but landed up in hysterical tears. I can’t use patches nor medication. I don’t know what to do. My father smoked 60 a day and lived till 80. I try and focus on that. Sorry I didn’t really help with your question did I? Strangely cigarette smoking helps to calm bipolar sufferers.

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I got quite ill when I stopped smoking, and I didn’t poop for a week

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@RareDenver Yeah, what you said!

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I quit too!
I’ve experienced the following:
Heinous bitchery…like PMS
lungs feel so much better, not much coughing. Don’t cough when I yawn or breathe deep anymore.
Week 2 has brought less cravings, but the habit of reaching for them is still there. I chew gum like it’s my job.
I also got really sick, like a cold/flu. Stuffy nose, chills, ears….like you, @RareDenver
YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!! It’s so worth it to have that feeling of control and healthiness…

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Good for you @RareDenver !!! You’ll be totally amazed at how much better you’ll feel, and how much more energy you’ll have!

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It will subside and…..I don’t think it’s baaaad for yooooou :)

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I find that I sneeze more now that I do not smoke.

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Don’t be alarmed by the lung biscuits you will cough up…just your body cleaning out the mess you made. Hang in there the hallucinations and nightmares will subside…not yours…. the loved ones…those around you putting up with your withdrawals!! Good luck hang in there is will be so worth the grief!!

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I did. Hell, my body was all kinds of fucked up for the first two weeks.

Break through it.

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@dmitris how did you not cough?? it has been since Jan 8 for me and my voice is still rough at times and I am bringing up the crud. Strangely I have wanted a cigarette this past week more than the month before. The not pooping has finally gone away but I eat a lot of salad, figs, dried fruit and nut stuff every day. Best, I know I have saved over $400 bucks (I’m in Canada). Looking for tours to Egypt online.

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