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Is it illegal to own a African gaboon in the united states?

Asked by buttman (1points) March 4th, 2008 from iPhone
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First of all Buttman, Gaboon what? A gaboon viper? Do you mean a baboon? I am going to go out on a ledge and say that even if your desired exotic pet is available on the legal or black market, if you can’t spell it you shouldn’t own it.

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Adding to that, if it is a gaboon viper you are wanting, know that it can kill you when you are nowhere near it. How is this? Gaboon vipers have some of the longest fangs of any venomous snake (2 inches). Along with their skin, snakes shed their teeth during ecdysis. Sometimes people will actually poke themselves accidentally with a shed viper fang when cleaning its enclosure, leading to envenomation, and sometimes death. So I would recommend against that.

If it’s a baboon you’re after, stop now. As a primatologist I can tell you that this is a horrible idea. Think large canines, poop everywhere, an animal with the strength of an adult human but the brain of a 12-month old human. Always wanting food and sex. With whatever or whomever is around. And beyond those minor annoyances, there are the ethical implications of owning a very social primate with emotional capabilities.

Pets like these are either shipped illegally from countries of origin (in which case many die in transit), or in the case of primates, are pulled away from their mothers at birth so that they can be hand raised. Pulled infants undergo extreme psychological damage and never act like members of their own species. The mothers who lose these infants also undergo emotional and energetic stress, and are often forced to breed again so she can give birth to more babies for sale. It’s a vicious cycle to which no intelligent person should contribute.

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Do you mean gibbon??

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That would be even worse.

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yeah… Poop throwing party!!! Who’s in? Bad idea dude….

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Seriously – there’s a reason they’re called wild animals. There’s a reason they’re illegal. Because it’s epically stupid to try to own them as pets. Because they can kill you, wreck your home and they’re dangerous to the community. Plus?? They don’t want to live in your house. They want to live in their natural habitat with others of their kind.

Don’t contribute to this horrible exploitation of animals. They deserve way better than that.

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