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Apple remote not working?

Asked by asawilliams (368points) February 20th, 2010

In the past week I have noticed that my apple remote does not work on my computer and neither does my wife’s, but they both work on her’s. I have unpaired and paired both remotes but still no luck. Anyone know how to fix this?

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Is anything blocking the path to the sensor? If it is a iMac the sensor is behind the apple logo in the front and center. Even a post-it covering that can mess up the remote. I’m not sure where they are on other Macs.

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@johnpowell there is nothing blocking it. I have even held the remote right up to the sensor on my MacBook Pro

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are they new remotes?

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@eponymoushipster they are both a little over a year old. The remotes are not the problem though b/c they work on my wifes MacBook

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@asawilliams ok. well, if they’re constantly losing the connection, you could give applecare a call, or set up a genius bar appointment. if it’s an issue with the imac’s hardware, they can probably help you out.

another issue could be this: if you’re not using the remotes at all (or rarely) with your wife’s laptop, you might turn off her IR for the remotes. this is just a guess, but if they’re nearby each other, the laptop might be grabbed the remote’s signal rather than the imac. just a thought.

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If you have 2 macs next to each other and press a button on the Apple remote, both computers will accept the command. However, there are settings you can change regarding remotes. Go to “System Preferences…”, “Security”, there’s check box to “Disable remote control infrared receiver.” You can also pair a remote with a laptop, so the laptop will only take commands from that specific IR transmitter. If it’s not disabled, maybe it’s a hardware issue like asa mentioned.

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