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How do you know when to trust someone or dismiss it as just small talk or BS?

Asked by Pretty_Lilly (4660points) February 21st, 2010

A few years ago a local radio talk show DJ had a 90’s rock star,in the show he co-hosts.He mentioned:he played the bass guitar,the rock star told him in 2 weeks,he would be playing at the House of Blues and the DJ could come over,he would bring him on stage and they could jam. The DJ took time off to practice, bought a new bass guitar,after endless preparations,,he showed up at the House of Blues, the day of the concert just to be turned away at the door as just an idiot not on the list and no one knowing anything about any special arrangements made for him to play with the band ! If you would have been in the same situation would you have taken the rock star seriously or just dismissed it as BS.
I have known other individuals who have been in similar situations and it turned out the person making the offer was not serious or just forgot a few minutes later.
How can a person protect themselves from being made a fool ?

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I suppose we trust that what a person is saying is the truth, unless and until we can prove otherwise.

Perhaps we should research in greater detail what is being said to us in the first place, but that takes away the trust.

Unless we have trust we have nothing.

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Faith can move mountains.

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In that situation,I suppose it would have been smart to make better arrangements-contact numbers,ascertaining you are on the guest list, etc.To believe everything someone tells you is just plain wacky.Maybe he was star struck.

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You know when not to trust them after they have proven themselves untrustworthy

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@lucillelucillelucille Totally agree with you there

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You get better at this as you grow older.

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Friends are trustworthy people because they have come through on their words. Acquaintances are people you deal with who are unproven and so you should verify things with them. In the context of the exchange between the DJ and the rock star, I’d have taken most of that as lip service because it was an on air interview, a plug/hype/promo, whatever. Anything said to me on a personal level would’ve been taken lightly and anything of interest such as a social follow up to jam, I’d have definitely nailed that down to a sure thing or a novel idea.

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@hungryhungryhortence Finally ! an intelligent answer that actually answers my question.

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