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Married people, do you care if your spouse wears a wedding ring?

Asked by jealoustome (1514points) March 18th, 2010

My husband and I are pretty relaxed about the whole ring thing. He doesn’t have one (we just never went to get one) and I found mine when we were looking through some of his father’s old stuff (It was his grandfather’s pinky ring and I think it looks quite nice.) But, a lot of our friends seem to take the ring thing pretty seriously, the ladies especially so.

I tend to think you probably don’t trust your spouse if you think not wearing a ring means they will try to cheat on you. But, I can see how some are just honoring tradition. Do you care if your spouse wears their ring or even has one?

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Well, she’s worn it for so long, it would very disturbing not to see it. But I didn’t care at the beginning if she had taken it off for one reason or another.

It’s weird for me, though. I am the one who feels weird when I take it off. I feel like I’m cheating somehow, even though I’m only cheating with a drum!

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I do but my husband doesn’t, never came up, I took his old rings from prior marriages and sold them. I don’t care if he doesn’t wear one but he certainly would be upset if I didn’t wear mine

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My husband lost his some years after we were married (slipped off his finger into a bucket of soapy water, which then got thrown out before we knew the ring was gone), and he as very upset until we went and got another one.

I like having mine on. My hand looks naked without it.

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I don’t like my husband to wear his when he is working. He works high rise construction and visions of him hanging from a his wedding band make my blood run cold.

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I don’t care.
I rarely wear mine either.
I can also say that a wedding band is by no means a repellent.

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i’m not married. freedom means a lot to me you know :)

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It doesn’t really matter any more. I use to care about my wedding ring but I’m on my 3rd one. Lost it twice. My fingers aren’t as thin as when I was 20 and tend to swell sometimes so I take it off when it gets uncomfortable.
My husband only has one ring and has lost it because his joints are pretty large and to be able to pass his finger joint it dances around his finger and easily slip over his joint. So we gave up on him ever having another.
Growing up I’ve lost jewelry and even had it stolen so I place no real value on jewelry except that it is pretty.

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@lucillelucillelucille I’m with ya on the not a repellent thing. Sometimes, I think a ring attracts more than it repels.

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I wear mine on a chain around my neck. I’ve lost weight from being sick for so long, and since I started out in a ring size 5, it’s only gotten smaller. We had rings sized, he even bought a new one. I wear my necklace all the time.

My husband is a mechanic. It’s a very dangerous thing for him to wear it while he works, but I’ve noticed that it goes on, without hesitation when he’s not working.

I know we’re married, I don’t flip if he’s not wearing it; but it is comforting to see him so dedicated to putting it on daily.

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When I was married I never took mine off, my husband didn’t either. So, I don’t really know how I would have felt if he had not wanted to wear it. In fact, he wore it for a couple of years after we were divorced.

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I cared a lot when hubby and I first talked marriage, and then after the ceremony. I wanted my territory marked, baby! But after it became crazy clear that this man had no intention of straying, I relaxed, and havent’ thought about it since. I still like the traditional look of a man wearing a ring when he’s married. But working with heavy equipment, I’d rather he have one less thing getting caught in machine parts. Hehehe!

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I would wonder why he suddenly stopped wearing it, since we both always wear ours. I haven’t worn mine in a while though, since I gained quite a bit of baby weight. My husband doesn’t care, I’m sure if I didn’t have a reason and just stopped wearing it that he would notice and ask.

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My hubby and I both find it pretty important. Even at the height of my pregnancy, I wore it on a ribbon around my neck.

My husband says all the time how much he’s thankful for his ring when he’s playing shows. It’s so much easier to keep the she-sharks at bay when he can just hold up his left hand and say “back off”.

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It never came up. I designed matching bands and we have worn them ever since. It just seems natural to me.

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I actually prefer that he does; but I don’t get on him if he took it off to take a shower and forgot to put it back on…

Although…. his forgetting makes me sad. :(

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I was about to have my third neck surgery. the surgeon stated that my wedding band would have to be taken off. i explained that my wedding band had never been taken off in 44 years of marriage. matter of fact, my wedding ring will not come off. its like welded to my ring finger. surgeon states, “I have a tried and true formula for removing your wedding band”. first, he numbed my ring finger. second, he tied a piece of thread to my ring and began going around in circles, around my ring finger. within 3 minutes, my wedding band was off my finger. i felt no pain. my wife had a puzzled look on her face. i gave her my wedding band for safekeeping, until after the surgery. before i made it back to the recovery room, my wife was standing in the hall waiting to place my wedding band back on my finger. to be honest, i did not think she cared that much, but apparently i was wrong.

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I wear mine only when going somewhere. He doesn’t care. He never wears his; says , IT ITCHES. WAHHHHH
Why did I bother buying it?

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When married then I always wore mine and like @lucillelucillelucille wrote, it wasn’t a repellant against being hit on but it did make quick work for me to deflect with little fuss. My husband and I designed and made our rings so they meant a lot to each of us; we were proud to married and the rings were an outward symbol of our comittment.

If I marry again then I will want to always wear my ring and will want my husband to do the same.


No, a wedding ring doesn’t mean anything to me. People wear rings of all sorts, and people don’t wear rings at all. We shouldn’t put so much stock on what a person has (or does not have) on his/her finger as an indication of marriage.

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