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I need to make a creative presentation for a project?

Asked by Jack3090 (94points) February 21st, 2010

It is about Baruch Spinoza, a Philosopher from the 1600s. I need to present it in a creative way, but I don’t know how to do it… HELP!

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You could use a power point, which may seem boring but you could do many things to catch someones eye. Try something physical maybe, like something that relates to his life you’ll be presenting about.

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Dress up as him and then present your project on a sideshow, hand out something to your class to get them involved like papers of bullet point accomplishments he made

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greetings and bon venue. you should create a time machine, take him to school, and use THAT as your project.

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You could present it as an interview between Spinoza and yourself.
Discuss topics that would exemplify his thinking.
You use two chairs and switch seats as you change roles.
If you can apply his philosophy to a modern problem and suggest what he might have to say about it, it would be even better.
Good Luck.

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try power point it’s worked for me everytime!!!

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A very quick check of Wikipedia tells me that this important thinker was excommunicated from the Jewish community for his controversial ideas. Perhaps you could present the material as a defense of his thought at a hearing, imagining what it might have been like for him to be called up before the religious authorities of his time and place.

Here’s a reference to a phrase that I recall from some philosophy class of about 40 years ago: he was called “the God-intoxicated Jew.” Make sure you render him passionate about his ideas and beliefs.

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You might find some recreations on Discovery Channel or such.

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@Jeruba I found your idea incredible, I believe it’s the one I’ll be making, thanks a lot!
Also, thanks to everyone, I’ll make the PPT slideshow as well, to make a more complete presentation.

Thanks for everyone’s help, it was very, veeeery helpful!!

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